Zhu Ziqing, American Football, "Remember me and my father Rodman"

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The US local time is more and more nights, this year, the American Women’s Football Union NWSL Best New Show the biggest hot Trini suddenly issued a text on individual social media.

“The game made me unforgettable. Yeah, Dennis Rodman came to see my NWSL game. After so many years, my dad suddenly remembered my game. It is an accident, in my career He suddenly appeared. I am surprised, excited, happy, and sad, a hundred feelings. Many people don’t know, my dad has no sense of feelings in my life. Many things we are not looking for it. He often don’t have a few months. There is no contact with me. Reunup in the public, no matter whether it is still for me, our relationship is not the best, but we are always ordinary people …. He is my dad, I It is his little girl, this can’t change it. I will grow forward a day, I hope he is also true. “

Social texture


This picture is photographed at night, the Audi Stadium in Washington.

On Sunday night, the first round of the Football Shirts Wholesale NWSL playoffs, the third of the regular season, the third place in Washington, the Sixth Northern Carolina.

A monster appeared in the female fans on the Audi Stadium.


The hair is still colorful.


It is the middle of this 91st, Chicago Bull Burban Wang Dennis Rodman.

Kits Football Kitsimage.png

Tritty is the daughter of Rodman and the third wife Michelle Moyer. Michel Moyer is one of the longest last time Rodman’s three wives, married in 2003, divorced in 2012.

In 2002, Trresi inherited Rodman’s sports talent. It is already the NWSL draft this year, and the second step is selected by the Washington’s mental team. Going down and breaking NWSL’s top players. As a rookie, Trresi quickly sat firmly of the team’s main force, although there were not many outslast in 6 league, but as the best shooting of the league, Ashley Harley, Trini’s role was very obvious. The Spirit of Washington has also Liverpool Jersey made great progress this season, and it will be found in the playoffs for 5 years. Triniti I have finalized the best new season candidates in the season, and I will win the best newcomer award unexpectedly.

The first round of this seasons, Trifatie started, and the two sides were 90 minutes regard to the upper and lower, enter the overtime game.

At the time of the overtime, ordinary women’s football players have been running, Trini has not received the back of the ball once, and also flying high-speed.


American Lionel messi Jersey Ball Review: The instinctive response of the general striker must have a three-character, but see how Triti Rodman (dark jersey) is doing.

Enter the next half of the overtime, Trini left inside the cutting door, the other door will be detached, the front line partner Harbin front leakage score.


Triti Rodman (right) and Haruk celebrates killing

Washington is in the spirit of Northern Carolina, and advances to the semi-final.

Then there was the end of the game, Rodman’s father was hugging at the scene.


After two days, Trigni has been more issued by the above text in the middle of the night – although it is already a professional player, but the actual age is still a big two girls, and is in a very good year. Salling in the middle of the night is more emotional, so I get up the code word word writing diary.

This blog post on Rodman’s father and female relationship has rapidly caught the approval of the US netizens and resonates.

The United States has a small news that Rodman’s father is tense from the beginning of the year. Rodman suddenly appeared on the Audi Stadium to watch the daughter’s game, and it wanted to try to alleviate the relationship between the father. There are American netizens also guess this photo and social text, in fact, deliberately write to father.


Early Rodman father and female photo

 The children of celebrity single-parent families are not easy …. Think about a bunch of marriages and illegitimate children in Maradona.

This article is simple and emotionally emotionally, and you can go to Players Tribune.


Old Rodman in the Los Angeles Lakers to make Kobe

If Trresi has taken the world football a few years (according to the current age start and the speed of development), this “I and my father Rodman” can take it out of packaging, and Zhu Ziqing The “back” is the same as the textbook of American primary school students.