Zhongchao exits the team exposure: The club has been "the group of dragons", some players directly give up football

The Zhongchao is now in a relatively embarrassing period, there is no more than a game, but not only the fans slowly decrease the heat of the superchar, but the Football Association is also in the state of “nothing”. The Football Association has recently placed most of the work of the center of the country, almost a problem for the World Cup, even if most of the Chinese super clubs have problems, and there is no action. It is understood that there is only a problem of Luneng, Shanggang, and a problem that there is no arrearity without bank.

Although the club has difficulties, there is a great relationship with the mother bus behind the club, but from the football association, there is still some remedies for the club, such as refund adjustment fees, but the current Football Association does not have any action. Dow up from the Hebei team, to the core Galat to Guangzhou team want to leave the team, and some signs have to be difficult to say that the second phase of the superior superiority is difficult to say, don’t mention the expansion plan next year, even if it is forced from the low-level league. The team is also difficult to ensure that it will also stage the current problem next year.

News from domestic media, Hebei team participated in the second phase of the superior in this season, but not only the team stopped, the team’s first team did not return to the team, and multiple clubs have gradually been abolished, and the general manager of the club. Li Jun It has been officially transferred to the club and returned to Huaxia Happiness Group. This person’s change is not sudden, and last week has passed the news that Li Jun will be turned away, but only less than a week, the general manager of the club is officially transferred, and there is no new general manager, the club is in the group of Dragon. state.

During the downtime, the Hebei team has also abolished many other employees, except for Li Cheap Soccer Jersey Jun, there are many middle-level employees. By cutting the club reduction to the lowest after cutting the club, this also means that the Hebei team will be abandoned. In fact, the Hebei team had a problem earlier, because the share reform work has a hope of survival, but the stock reform is very uncomfortable, and it will not be done in the later period. If it is the arrears of the base water cost, it may also save it. Now the club is taking away, I am afraid I hope that I am really embarrassing.

The Soccer Jersey Discount performance of the Hebei team this season is still unexpected. After selling many foreign aids, they can still enter the crown group under the leadership of Korean coach Jinzhongfu, and the toughness of players is really worthy of praise. But the situation of helpless superior is so real, even if you have just won the Super Championship, it may be dissolved at any time, or even the 10-year-old Guangzhou team also has an dissolution risk.

In fact, if the club can’t run, the player has affected a lot, and the Chelsea Jersey most affected people in the player is the tall player of the Qijun queue. When the Football Association, the Qing training ladder is still giving up to Dalian, and now they have already gave a short fake, and when returning to training is not known. For some older players, many of them have intended to give up the football industry. After all, the current environment is not good. It is better to find other ways to go to school, and can only engage in other industries. NS.

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