Zhang Weili’s face was played, and the face of the Americans showed greatly, looking forward to the three war.

In the early morning of January 25, in the Chinese men’s football team, in the quarter finals of the Chelsea Jersey Asian Cup of Iran, the score of 0-3 was defeated. What is more destined than the loss is that the three-lost ball of the national football is like a way! He said as a CCTV solution, he can’t see it, in the end of the explanation, I said something.

In the first half, Feng Wei, Liu Wei Ming’s resisted mistake caused the national football 0-2.

At the short half, the opponent attacked the third ball of the Chinese team. It is very similar to the top two goals, and this Chinese team is wrong. At this point, the Chinese team three guards have “sent” to the opponent. He Wei helidly sighed: “Hey, this kind of ball can be kicked out!”

“The (Iranian team) replicates three goals in the same way, (the main coach) Qi Russen before, there is definitely, and the Lipi did not expect that all people may not think.”

“I lost three balls in this way, and it is a major lesson for the Chinese team.”

“Often some people say that people will fall into the same river for the second time, but the Chinese team fell three times in the same place in the same way, and this mistake did not summarize.”

He Wei information

Subsequently, the referee blew the throne ended in the game, He Wei said this game, the Chinese team lost with a unified appearance of three inner defenders, lost three exemplary balls, three crimes in the same mistake It is “more trouble”, which may have a certain impact on the morale of the Chinese team, and may have some negative impact on the future reconstruction of the national football.

Finally, He Wei called for Chinese fans to unite: “We are all compatriots, we want to find a way to solve this to let Chinese fans, how many people who make Chinese people have worry – Chinese football how to follow a correct road Development, it becomes better. “

He Wei always sees the nature of the Cristiano Ronaldo Jerseyproblem from the appearance.

He believes that this is a failure that is not willing to be willing, but these three lost balls are a table, and the table is like a lot of problems in the development process of Chinese football. When the Iran team, you can see this all-round gap.

At this time, the lens gave the old will Zheng Zhi, he is shocked, can’t succumb to the mood for a long time. I don’t know if this is the war of the curtain call of the national team.

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He Wei said: “Chinese football is currently not today’s three team members, Zheng Zhi or other team members. A person’s power also affects the fate of a national football, this is the process of the system in development. The direction will have a problem before it will cause the current situation. Or that sentence, the player is just the result, not the reason. “

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