Yangji strongly investigated 7-0 victory space people Tanada 6 bureau Zero Torres 5 points

On October 13th, Beijing time, the Great Alliance The United States Championship also ignited the war. The Houston Spaceman, the first record of the regular season, in the home, “Evil Empire” New York Yangji. The two teams met in the 2017 Federation of Federations, the spaceman under the 2-3 backward situation, reversed the 4-3 defeatings, and finally won the World Competition of the year. In this game, the field will be extremely excellent, only 68 balls have been used to over 6 games, while Yangji’s normal game has also blocked the spaceman line. In the end, the powerful Yangji passenger is 7-0 victory space people, the championship series 1-0 leads.

[Data Highlight]

Torres is unstoppable to attack, 3 security hits 5 points, I still run back 1 point, Le Mei Yuzu 2 支 安 3 3 points, the perfect first stick, Stanton, 舍拉 阳春Opera, the field will be a large 6 games.

[Competition process]

In the first place, Granji took the lead in standing on the hand, in the face of the top three sticks, he sent a three-vibration to complete the three three, the state of the opening is good.

In the second half of the first bureau, the field will play big debut, although there is no three ivivation, but the two rolling earth and a small flying ball are out, the same state is good, one game is fast.

In the middle of the second game, Enkani Angping was killed, Stanton knocked out a hit, became the first place in this game; but Kedner’s leader direction flying, let Gurier One person completes the double kill, the half end.

In the second half of the second bureau, the Braggman guerrillas rolls the earth; Alvarez waves the sky, the Guriel is a rolling earth in a guerrilla direction, and the Gregion is assassinated, two At the end of the bureau, there is no better opportunity for both sides.

In the third bureau, in the face of the back of the post, Grande is still outstanding, and only 5 balls will solve the seventh, eight, nine sticks.

In the second half of the third bureau, Corea’s three-way direction rolled out; Tak hit a hit, but Chrinos also sent a double kill, Yangji completed 5-4-3 double kill, three games At the end, the two teams still did not score, both sides played outstanding, fresh landscapkers.

In the fourth place, Grande suddenly encountered some chaos, first by the first stick Mei, and then burst into the runner; then gave Jiaqi 1 time, but Torres will be The low angle of the ball is sent to the Chinese and foreign wild, forming the second base to play, Le Mei Huan runs back to score, Yangji guest farm occupies an advantage, 1-0; after the two players have not continued offense, the half end.

In the second half of the fourth place, the field will be big in the team. After the team is scratch, the pitch is more excellent, first is Springer, and then make the Brandei left outer wild flies out of the game, and finally give it to Otti The second three-vibration, perfect completion of the fourth game.

In the first half of the fifth game, Grande first three vibrateed Gardner, Sanchez hit the Chinese and foreign wild flights, and Huija took advantage of the first and second, one, one, one, two, the high-speed ball, Le Mei Hui also A high-speed ball was killed.

In the second half of the fifth, Braggman’s first stick hit the four bad balls, Alvarez rightwood flat flies were killed, Jia Qi laser arm returned to the first base, Braggman came to the barrier, encounter Out, Yangji completed double kill. Guriel high futures, the fifth game ended.

In the second half of the sixth game, Torres once again successfully, in the face of Grani Bombarding Yangchun cannon, the first home running of the playoffs, the first home, the leading space person. After the two out of the game, Stanton slammed the second home base, Yangji 3-0, gradually expanded the leading advantage.

In the second half of the sixth bureau, the field will send a big three oscillators again.

In the second half of the seventh place, Ryan Presil replaced the Grandgi continued to spread, and the game was over 6.0 bureaus was hitting 7, and the three points did not guarantee. . However, Prestley’s debut was continued by the Yangji. After the two out of the game, Gregus, Le Mei, Jiaqi continued three times, full of strikes; Torres, Torres, Torres, which was hot, Yangji, 2 points, score 5- 0. The spaceman replaced the pitcher again and solved the last out.

In the second half of the seventh place, the field will also be replaced by the final, and the 6.0 game is only played with one security. I didn’t lose https://www.fanartikelsportde.com it. I sent 4 three-oscillated 1 time, and only 68 balls, or the lead coach is In order to reduce his consumption, the paving is made for the latter game. Springs Gao Flying Ball is out, Brandere and Otti are playing in the base; but Breggman sends a double kill, and once again wasting the opportunity of space people’s score.

In the eighth game, James continued to shoot and sent 2 three-vibration completion of the half.

In the second half of the eighth game, Brilton debuted in the past. Alvarez first closes three vibrations, Gurier is selected from the four bad balls; but Coreya is swinged by Zhen Zhen, Diaz rolling the earth, and the spaceman still could not score, only the last half of the situation left.

In the first half of the ninth game, Yesra is a river spring gun, which is 6-0, and the Yangji continues to win. https://www.mlbtrojerdk.com Gregouri high-speed ball, Le Mei bucket to send the base; Jiaqi Yi is playing, one person is out of one or three bases; Jia Qi’s Both success, Torres rolls out of the game, but won the point, 7-0.

In the second half of the ninth bureau, Lo’yga debuted with 7 points. Chrinos rolled out, Springer rushed to the earth; Brandeli high futures, the game ended, Yangji Championships won the opening.

[Two sides starting]

New York Yangji team:

1.DJ-Le Mei Huiyi

2. Alon – Jiaqi right outside

3. Grareber Torres Two base

4. Edwin – Nakaisi designated blow

5. Jen Carlo – Stanton left outer wilder

6. Brett Garda Chinese and foreign wilder

7. Gary – Sanchez Catcher

8. Gio-舍拉 三垒手

9. Di Di-Gregus guerrilla

Tanaka will make a big pitcher

Houston Space Team:

1. George – Springs Chinese and foreign https://www.mlbtrikot4.com wilders

2. Michael – Blantene Left Outer Wilder

3. Jose – Otti two base

4. Alex Bregman

5. Jorsan – Alvarez designated hits

6. Euli-Guirier

7. Carlos – Corea guerrilla

8. Kyle Tak right outside

9. Robinson – Chrinos catcher

Zach-Granz Pitcher

[Next prospect]

The second game of the United States, the spaceman will send Justin Wirant, first debut, and the career seasons will be 14 wins and 8 losses 3.20 self-blame rate, and the last three days will play the rays, Only 3.2 The game lost 4 points. However, his performance in the playoffs is still very stable. As a space player, only 2.92 self-blame rates, and in 2017 with Yangji’s Federation of Federation, he won two victories. One of the heroes who won the championship in that year.

Yangji first pitcher is James Parsston, in his career first playoffs https://www.mlbdrakterno.com first, in the face of the double city him 4.2, it sent out three times, but also lost 3 points. This season has twice over the battle space, 5 games at home only 1 point, and the 5 points lost 5 points, so this game is great to challenge him.