Yangji seasons partition battle first pitcher JA-Hap: Baseball God please pay attention to me

This morning, the fans Zujin Lao said, and it is also the “Fat Sock Wars” to reproduce the rivers and lakes. The two socks are waiting, and the red socks send a trip to Chris Saier, while Yangji First, a pitcher, is a firefighting player who is about to 36 years old, and this year is Ja-Hap.

JA-Hap has poor performance today. The first game has been played by JD Martinez, and the 2 games were replaced by 5 points, and the average self-discipline came to 22.50. The final game is also swallowed. The following is the story of Hap:

Growth: Singapore Square

In the fall of 1982, James Anthony-Hap was born in the spring Valley of Illinois, a devout Christian family, Hap did not show too many sports talents from small, and the enthusiasm and persistence of sports, as well as junior high school The sluggish, https://www.mlbtrojerdk.com let him insist on staying on the stadium, in the four-year light in San Feude high, Hap is the main force of the basketball team and the baseball team, and is elected as the best athletes in the county. On the baseball field, he lacked a burst arm force, he cracked himself into a ball-based tee, the basketball court lacked the bounce in the sky, he took himself to become a well-tone, Hap used times The training time makes himself more accurate and stable. The high school career is like the “glasses brother” in the “grunger”, it seems that it is not easy to look, but private is extremely diligent, and respectful.

After graduating from high school, Hapji has maintained a history of Northwestern University, and continues to join the baseball school team. In the first three years, Hap is selected for a big season, and there is a total of 228.1 in the first three seasons. At the game, 16 wins and 11 were scored 2.88 points 251 times.

At this time, the Philadelphians in the Major League of the Body League will use the third round of the total number 92 in the Hap elevational, and the 22-year-old Hap decided to give up the four seasons, engaged in the professional alliance, and become a senior player of the rookie alliance. Because of the maturity of supernatural, Hap is quickly adapted to the rhythm of the small alliance, even if it casts 3A, his transcripts do not have much decline. In the summer of 2007, Hap welcomed the first major league of his career. You can be a big game for the game. Carlos – Beltrang has brought two points, only 5 points, and then after the battle, Hapu was sent back to 3A. Subsequently, Hap experienced the trouble of elbow, until the summer of 2008, in order to cope with the injury of the first round value, Hap is called the Mauri people, as the team’s generation, the long and secondary, Hap The performance is always unsatisfactory, this devout Christians will thank God’s gift every day, in 2008, with the Philadelphie won the World Competition, 25-year-old Hap won the first champion ring in life, can be The god of the baseball began to treat Hap almost serious hood.

The displacement, once encountered a “head” tragedy

In 2009, Hap was still playing in the cow shed, and then because of the competitors Brett Miles, Kyle Kemerrik, Park Zanhao had a variety of conditions, Hap finally entered the first of Philadelphians. In the round value, in the face of the Yangji and Jinyu, the United States and Jieji, Hap continuously sent a high-quality first, at the end of June, the Toronto Bluebird of Toronto, Hap used a 100-ball, only hit 5 security finished After the end of the victory, it began people to recognize the power of the left. After about one month, I returned to Philadelphia, and Hap used 127 balls. The single field was 10K, and only the perfect performance of 4 security. After completing the end of the victory. In the entire 2009 season, Hap 34 came from 23 games, 12 wins and 4 losses 166.0 bureaus pushed their own points to 2.93, in addition, there were 116 Zhen Zhen. In the final national unique, the best rookie selection, Hap small division is given to Chris Kegraine, but the sports journal will be selected as the best rookie of Guolian, “This year’s baseball award” will be selected as the entire big alliance. The best rookie, 26-year-old Hap welcomed the peak in his first complete season.

But due to the “God’s right hand” Pedro-Martinnet, the Philadelphians have been defending, and Hap actually selection the round value of the season, and finally he was only sent 3 games in the national affiliate. In addition, 7 appearances are not hurt, Philadelphians lost to Yangji in the world contest, and Hap actually fell to the failure treatment group.

Just as the baseball career has progressed, Hap has embarked on the wandering journey. In 2010, Feifei people first sent it to the four kings, send Hap to Houston to replace Roy – Osvor, near Houston In the past two years, Hap is unhappy. He tried to add stretch card ball into his own weapon library, but the effect is very bad. In the 2011 season, Hap is only 6 wins and 15 losses, self-bladed 5.35, whip value More than 1.5 bad season, facing Hap year-on-year salary, 2012 trading deadline, the spaceman and the blue bird have a ten-person transaction, send the “garbage stock” in the eyes to Canada.

Go to Toronto, Hap is already in three years. To the ultimate, it is difficult to survive in the big profore. In 2012, Harpe’s right foot received a lot of competitions after repairing surgery. This is still not finished. In 2013, the game of the rays, Hap has experienced a horror, when the light The hitting strikes of the bearen, Jenning, tacked the ball directly hit the head of Hap, and the time of Hap fell, the whole person’s heart was full, Jennings is also a face. Regret, Hap squatted on the ground, keep awake, but did not get up late, after 11 minutes later, Hap was sent to the hospital, the next day’s inspection, Hap’s skull has contuse, left Ear tear. After three months, Hap returned to the stadium, and the news that his father died was forced to have to rush back to the United States.

In 2014, all the miscellaneous things will not be annoyed, but his transcript is only 11 wins and 11 negative achievements of 4.22. After the season, Hap was sent to the sailor, and the transaction deadline, Hap turned to the pirate, although the pirate was killed in the external card, but it was because Hap was in the 11th game in the second half of the season. 2 The outstanding achievements of the lost score 1.85 play a key role in the pirate competition. At the end of 2015, Hap returned to Canada, and this Bluebird and Hap were a three-year 36 million contracts. In addition, Hap was also married to Girlfriends in love for many years.

Return to the blue bird, old and easy

As the age is growing, it is the ball of Hap-hop’s skills that has become more excellent, but it is because the ball has guaranteed, the 33-year-old Hap speed ball has a better growth, and often can cast Speed, so that the opponent is embarrassed. In the first seven games in the 2016 season, Hapu every game is high-quality first, and in the game against the giant, it almost completes the victory again. In July, in the game of the tiger, Hap accumulated 12 winning voters before the start of the all-star game, and in September, Hap finally accumulated the 20th game of the single season, 32 games, 20 wins 195.0 Bureau, 163 Sanzhen, WHIP value 1.169 is the best career, which makes him win the sixth achievements in the US League. The United States of America divided into the second battle of cavalry cavalry, Hap 5.0 lost 1 assisted blue bird to win the victory; and the United States finals against Indians, Hap, the second battle 5.0 bureau lost 2 points, blue birds It was slaughtered by the Indian people.

In 2017, because of elbow injury, Hap missed a half-month game, which made his transcript have fallen a little decline. In 2018, because Marcus Stroman’s injury, Bluebird Total Coach John – Jieben Sch Harpp puts the position of the unveiled battle of the battle, which is also the first time of the Hap League. Although the 2018 Shan Hapong will continue to lose in some games, it has accumulated 10 winning voters at the end of June, which makes Hap into the only representative of the Blue Bird Team, which is selected to have selected the United States, all-star team, this is 35 years old. Hap is also a career, just in the second spring of the career. It has already loses the blue bird hoped by the playoffs to throw the olive branch, and the contract is about to expire. Hap.

Peak status, play winning season

At the time of the transaction, New York Yangji used two players to translate Hap to the array, three days later, Hap used a very press-of-pressure six-way one-point to win the first victory of the striped shirt. One day, the god of the baseball once again opened him: inexplicably dyed the hand and foot and mouth disease, which made him have to rest for ten days. However, Hap, Hap, who opened the fire, did not mind the https://www.fanbutikk.comopportunity of the first year, join the top five first five games of Yangji, and Hap took the victory, and the self-opium is only 2.37. Although the subsequent game has fluctuations, the end of the regular season, Hap has achieved 7 wins in the 11th game of Yangji, the excellent transcript of 2.69.

Just ended the Eclipse’s card, Yangji has used their ace to send Louis Sevilino, who will be the “Fat Sock Wars”? Will Tianzhong is still Sabsia? The final coach chose the joining of the rapid state of the rapid state, and Hap’s stability will play a role in the season.

After going through the career, the bad luck, Dongshan will then play, the peak in the peak state is about to face the powerful line of red socks, but the result is a pity, and the 2 game lost 5 points. The god of the baseball, please have a good job in this 35-https://www.mlbtrikot4.com year-old.