Vike Vikings is stupid to Cutus or the big trouble



From the semi-finals of the semi-final, Mingsnesotida, the US Bank Stadium completed enough to load the dancing of the history of the history, and the temperature of the Viking is like a rocket. After the game, the killing horse called “Minnesota miracle” was registered as a trademark, and the product hooked by the trademark became the hottest hot sale at that time. Recently, the trademark incident once again appeared in front of the fans, and this owner is not a Viking, but in this year, I just signed a big contract with Viking people.

According to the news, Cork Cork Sinse has submitted a trademark application to the US Patent Trademark Office not long ago. The trademark and the slogan “You Like That” difference, only one alphabetical difference. But the first thing I have seen this trademark is not constantly emerged in the mind, a familiar and unfamiliar feeling, Vike-Vikings. It is the name of the Weijing team officially protected by law. Yes, Cossins hopes to have the proprietary right to use this trademark.

As for the trademark, do millions of choices why Cousins ??only love this? Minnesota Viki fans don’t understand, Washington red fans can all know. It turned out that I have been in the 2015 season, the slogan “you like That” is red pole. On October 25, 2015, the red skin of Washington Red Pirace was completed in the battle of Tampawan pirates, and the red skin was completed from 0-24 to 31-30 turns to the epic. This is the greatest reverse miracle in the history of the team. And the red skin quartz, Koke Cosx is the hero who dominates this great game. The 33th success of the entire game got 317 code passed the number of ball codes, and there were 4 times to Dad (3 passed the ball to 1-in-one squad) data, and the competition was so stunned. People’s records, and also sent Cousins ??to “God”. After the game, I returned to the locker room, and the joy of victory did not cool. Cousin shouted “You Like That?” For the lens finger, “You Like That?”, This slogan suddenly bombed the red leather bowl at the time, became The fashion slogan of this season’s red skin, and there is no unexpectedly involved in the economic sector to be registered as a trademark, and Cousins ??has also become a famous star. From this point, Kusins ??blocked with the popular YOU LIKE THAT in the time seems to be in the reason.

Say to go back to the logo you vike. According to the relevant person of the Minsican Star Tribune, on Thursday, they found a document on extending the time of the extension of the discovery of the trademark. In addition, they also found that the initial application time of the trademark is this year. On March 20th, it is the 5th day of Cossins and Viking people to sign a big contract. Given the similarities between Vike and Vikings, Vike has the referred to as Vikings and the significance of the shorthand, it can further speculate that the behind-the-scenes who submits the extended discovery time document should be a Viking’s fan, or oppose individual Supporters of the proprietary NFL alliance. However, as far as the current situation, Cossins and Viking’s relationships may begin to become stiff, and a embarrassing atmosphere is not cold.

Cousins ??applying for trademark incidents in social networking sites. Some fans believe that Cossus has the ability to assume the responsibility of registering the trademark. It is nothing wrong with the things you like, and the new season came to Minnesota Weijing to help Viking people achieve better record, not coming Negatively treat the war. Some fans believe that Cousins ??is in another form “”, even if they don’t take the team’s ideas, directly use the slogan slogan to collide with the team into their own trademarks, distinguished is unsuitable behavior. . Of course, fans who oppose the attitude account for most, and even some fans also threatened to express disgusting the contract for Viking.

In that year, you like That and today’s You Vike That hit, Cousins ??signed the Weijing, Vike and Vikings hit, thousands of spent Kicks Sins alone, can be said to be a coincidence, can also say that Inspired creativity. But no matter what, this T-shirt printed with “You Vike That” has been placed on the major sales websites, and sales is hot, and even some websites have also sold their own situations. On the occasion of the trademark event, this 60% cotton + 40% of the polyester fiber T-shirt may bring you a soft and comfortable care.

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