Today NBA Analysis: The Sun 16 Covenant threatens the Warriors head to make a chair, the guest shipping is better?

The Warriors currently 17 wins and 2 losses, the highest collection of alliances, but after the https://www.nbatrikots4.comsun is defeated, only 0.5 winning Warriors, this means that if the Warriors can’t win, the western and all-all-Federated positionsIt will be replaced.After the first 118 more than 103 victors, the team once again achieved a wave of 6 consecutive victories, Curry cut 32 points and 7 rebounds 8 assists, Wingks 25 + 5, Chasing dream Green except 12 points 8 rebounds,Another sharp line 12 games, another 2 steals 3 caps, he has been 7.8 assists this season, and has become a team to help the king, more than the branch.More importantly, there are many players that the team can score, and the bench, which is not interesting, small port, Pedton, Anderson and
Qiva, has also contributed to up to 23 points.The team has recently announced that from the Development Alliance recalls New Xiuking and Moody, Cole’s tactical choice is more.