Titan team involved in the investigation of racial discrimination event basketball card, recommended "away from the spray"

In the world sports, racial discrimination has always been the inverse scales that cannot touch, even even the mutual spray of players and fans will arouse thousands of waves. In the Jacksonville American Tiger team lost to Tennessee Titan team on Thursday night, the Jagu team ran to Leonard-Folnet was taken with a fan; while Folnet said, The fans shouted some discourse involving racial discrimination. At present, the Titan team has conducted an investigation of Folnet’s allegations.

This thing was earliered by TMZ sports. After Falktel, the fans have been insulting him, and there is a lot of racial discrimination in words; but TMZ sports have not heard it. These insults. At present, the Titan team investigation team has begun to ask the audience involved in the area to identify whether there is any words about racial discrimination; and they try to find the fans who sprayed with Falkte. As a face, you can determine the passage of things.

However, TMZ Sports As a video provider, they first asked the photographer of the video. This person said that he did not hear any language involving racial discrimination. He did hear this fans’s ridicule, but he was based on the score of the game.

Of course, there is a very speech-Barkley, which is very saying – basketball name Charles – Barsley. This powerful enough to let NBA change the big striker for him, during the athletes, is a hot temper, and often quiz when retiring. Speaking and fans are mutual, this brother is much better!

However, after the big wind big waves, Bakley gives Folnet’s suggestion very high. No, no matter how fans are sprayed, you must stay away from him … Because if you really play, you really It is possible to kill him.

Buckley said that this thing is not more pleasing before it is not true, but it’s too real. “If you play a fan, hurt them, you may put them Kill; so what is important, stay away from them, otherwise you will sue you once you do it. “” They can also spray it in the stadium, they will not face you on the street, what or tell you Fighting; however, once you move your hands on the court, you will lose a lot of money. “

This is indeed the experience of Barkley. He still stayed in the mind of many viewers during the player. At the same time, he was arrested in 8 righteous fans outside the scene. This big mouth is accepting When the interview is still the same, the color is not changed, saying those who have been “lived, self-looking” by his fans. Recently, the fans were not allowed to be in the form of Formitt. NBA’s many stars were also unfortunate. The Warriors Springs Kevin Durant, the fastess team guard Patrick-Beverley involved similar events .

“You have to stay away from them,” Baxley said, “Because once conflicts, you can’t get anything; let it, brothers.”

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