This season’s number one tallery? The third and hit rates in the annual salary team are only 5.2%, and 4 games will enter 1 ball.

Next Len Anderson? Wantasy trembled, 5 years 80 million will be a junk contract.

Last summer, Wizards didn’t care about everything, giving the shooters from Latvia Davis – Belitans, opened a high salary of $ 80 million in 5 years, from the 19-20 performance performance, he really have such qualifications, the field can The second high of 15.4 points in the team was obtained, and the production of three-pointers in the team, ranked 72.4% hit rate, and the 42.4% hit rate (at least 300 times in total).

But don’t forget, although space shooters are suitable for modern basketball, they can be in the crown team, they are mostly killed, and their own existence of eight hundred, there are two:

The defense is too bad, it is easy to be targeted by the opponent, especially the high turret, often being ejected into a sieve;

Second: Under high pressure defensive, the three-point stability is insufficient;

Lan Anderson is the best example. The high-end bureau does not go to the field. It is taken into 3 three-poke a picture in 2 minutes. So far in many fans’s mind, a group of bottom salary Disson, annual salary of more than 20 million, but there did not take a few drops of sweat.

Bellans, he and Anderson were almost a replication, and did not experience the test of the fame in the three seasons of the Spurs, he had average three-pointer-hit ambiguity, although many data showed that Bellans’ big probability will become high salary butt, but Wizards still insist on their attitude, result … The result is “Phu”.

Take a look at Bellans this season. As of now, he has played 16.4 minutes, and it can get 4.6 points, 1.8 rebounds, mid-rate, 2-point ball rate 22.4%, especially the last four games:

Pied, 19 minutes, three-pointer 9 shot 1;

Thunder, 16 minutes, three-pointers in 2 deaths;

Playing a single man, 15 minutes, three-pointer 5 catches 0;

Take the horse thorn, 11 minutes, three-pointers 3 in 0;

The total battle was played for 61 minutes, and the three points cumulative 19 were only 1, the hit rate was 5.2%, and then enlarged to the entire season. Bell Tsis almost all data, all of which were placed in the bottom of the team, except for the salary of 16 million US dollars, The team is second only to Bill and Dingwans:

The hit rate (23.3%), the countdown number of the team;

Score (4.6 points), the penultimate team is second;

Instead of VORP (-0.2), the countdown first;

The positive and negative value BPM (-7.7), the countdown first;

Victory contribution value WS (-0.1), the countdown number of the team is also the only negative value;


Too much, too much, it is no wonder that there is a fan to say, and the current Bellans is completely injured.

The data shows that when he is present, the team must be 11 points per hundred rounds; the defensive end should be lost 15 points, and the 2 data is the worst in the team.

It can also be seen from the time of appearance. The coach Scott Brooks, and it is not so trust in Bellans. Whether it is outside, or defensive, he can’t reach the level of Pop and Kuzma, the regular match is still Don’t count on the playoffs.

It is estimated that since then, the alliance will be more cautious in treating space https://www.maillotbasket6.comshooters, because their water quality is too high, oh, it’s right, Duncan Robin, next door, and recent days seem to be not good.