The stage of "American Spring Festival Evening" has "magic" major stars to fight

This earth is the most exciting, most exciting sports non-football, the direct conversation between muscles and muscles, blood and sweating, and row mountains. And all the essence, all the wonderful allocation is concentrated on the super bowl. Americans have reached a crazy point to rugby, and the super bowl brings together all rugby enthusiasm. In the National Historical Review Rate list, 9 of the top ten are NFL games. In the past 10 years, the highest programs have been held in the 49th super bowl conducted between the new England Patriot and Seattle Haiying team. The final ratio of the competition is 47.5%, and the number of visitors reached 1,44.4 million. And this does not include those who watch the game from the software and watch the game from other service channels. Last year, the 52nd super bowl held in Minnesota, the average TV cleansing number reached 103.4 million. On the streaming media broadcast platform, the average audience of the 52nd super bowl reached 202 million, the highest peak of live broadcast was 3.1 million, which entered the historic high. In the super bowl, the United States will even leave a holiday, let everyone enjoy this great event, like Christmas, thanksgiving, and friends with friends and family, and the show of the middle scene is this There are the best pastime when there are countless people rest in the game.