The sixth week of Weekly: Jet playing the ball broke the record Galli rushing down 200 yards

The NFL regular season ended the sixth round of fighting. This week, alliances have encountered opponents’ stubborn resistance, patriots and chiefs of the attack war clocks to cut 83 points; Todd Galley single field rushed out of 208 yards to create a new high career; package workers play Handline is smashed this week after being smashed by Zhou Zi 5 balls. This week, the crow will kill Muus Mario Taga to doubt life, the so-called big hero can natural, the real name is from the wind, let’s look at it. See which players are elected as the best.

United Unitediance

Best offensive player: Dolphin Albert – Wilson

In front of the encounter, Lennimir was suddenly injured in front of the Tainini, and the four-point guards were hit, and the Miami Dolphin 31-28 overshaped was completed. This exterior taken Albert-Wilson Tianshi Shenwei, 6 battles push 155 yards, and set up the score twice in the backwardness of the team. It is worth noting that the two of Wilson reached the short biography, relying on personal abilities, 155 yards of scores included 136 yards of catching, when the team is most difficult, Wilson became the dolphin Savior . He is already one of the best external connections in the league. In the last 75-bit quilt in the last half, Wilson broke the three defensive players in the bear team hindered, and he became the first completed by NFL this year. Two 70 yards + uproots.

Best Defensive Players: Crowda Dulaus – Smith

Baltimore Crow Brigade Water Saidus-Smith won this week’s best defensive player, in Tennessee Titan, the defensive group coach Tang-Mart Dalensely arranged a large number of raid tactics, let Mariota feel from all parties. pressure. He rushed through the corner and the inner Weiwei, a total of 11 times, only 7 first attack, put the Titan’s offensive code number below 150 yards. Among them, Zadaus-Smith has completed 3 kills and 5 times, helping the team 21-0 zero sealed Titan.

Best Remodel Player: Jet Jason – Miles playing

Although the strength of the jet is limited, these two weeks they make the recorders of the Metropolitan Stadium very busy. The jet struck Indianapolis horses this week, among which Jason Messen Miles 7 will be in the whole, with an additional division 3, a person gets 24 points. This season when the league players collectively encounter cold winter, Nony Jason Miles is definitely a clear flow. According to statistics, the 7 freeestons of Meers have 3 records in 40 yards, and the most far-lived 48 yards, breaking the history of jet. A single 24-point data is also a two player who scores the two players in the case where the league history is not received.

Best offensive players in Guolian: Ram Tod-Galley

The martyr gampers suffered from the hardship of the wild horses, and after the 5 consecutive games were cut, this war was victimized by 23-20. The four points Guardian Gaoff throws out of 200 yards only half of him, but the great team can always find the way to win in the trouble, pass the ball attack can’t start, star runs to Todd – Galli The offensive banner, 28 times the ball rushed out of 208 yards, the code is 7.8 yards, and the end zone is obtained twice.

Best Defensive Player: Hawks Frank Clark defensive end

“Swatching Army” is only smelling, but we can’t ignore the Haiying Wan Baba and Frank – Clark. 25-year-old Frank Clark is 6 feet high of 6 feet 3-inch body weight 260 pounds, typical punched defensive ends, is one of the new stars that Hawks grow up in recent years. This week and the Auckland raid will fight in London, Clark’s performance is absolutely shocked by the raids and Derrick Carl, completed 2.5 times of killing and 4 times, helping the team 27-3 blood wash raid. Clark won the best defensive players in the sixth week of China, and the title of the league elite was called the Mauran whip.

Best Secret Directive Player: Package Mason – Kross Bickman

On the last week, the Kusoleum was filled with 4 foots and 1 additional points in the Detrialra, and 13 points were the biggest sinner of the team. However, as a 12-year old future, the packaging industry is still supported and encouraged by him. This week’s packaging home was played by 49 people in San Francisco. The two sides fight to the last 1 minute or 30-30. At this time, the packageman rely on Rogers’s precision to win a 27 yard from the last 3 seconds. The opportunity of shooting, the latter is in turn to kill 49 people. In the game, Cros was redeemed in 4 shots 4, and he also showed enough strong inner heart while proved that his injection was still exquisite. This week, the best special high-quality player, Cross is not deserved.

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