The same high school two super bowls of MVP fraud, Bris and Falls

Nick Falls’ scene when playing in Dru Bris in the West Lake High School, as a native of Texas Austimin City, Falls, may have seen cloth in the West Lake High School Lis playing, but it may be playing hide and seek in some place outside the stand. Because even, the two have been studying here, but the age is ten years old, when Bris is played in the high school in West Lake, Falls is just a small doll.

However, Bris fell sharply to Falls, remember that he returned to his alma mater, and participated in the team’s 10th anniversary of the State Champion in 1996 (the only winning of the school, he looked at Falls. Leading his team that he used to stand, standing in the same piece, pursuing his footsteps.

“In fact, this season is also this season.” Bris said: “I remember that I felt back in the campus, just like I haven’t graduated yet. At that time we were high school quarter Swan is Nick-Fort, and there will be fun. “

This Sunday, Philadelphia Eagle was challenged New Orleans Saints, Bris and Falls will create history. This is the first time that NFL usher in two super bowls from the same high school. Dialogue. “I know Bris and I have a high high school in the West Lake.” Falls said, “We have always been a good friend, and later, I believe that there must be many people in this game in Osndin.”

Bris and Falls’ experience is completely different, one must overcome the short and strange environment around, and people give him a label of “great quartz”; and another, he is a boy Men, label the “greatest” label since Brisses. From small to large, Austin’s residents discover two features in the field of rugby, are these characteristics to help them create a legend.

Briser – all the qualities of successful

According to Bris, the prior defensive group coach Drik-Rang recalls that when Bris came to the West Lake High School, he was like a “skinny little old man”. Later became the main coach of Falls. Briser once studied in a private middle school named St. Andrew, just like most boys, the brisings of Brisse. At that time, there was a four-point guard, who was called Jie Ni-Rogers. He is Jay Rogers’ brother. Jay is also a four-point guard of the school team. Later, I went to the University of Indiana, and the strengthening of strengthening – Rogers was considered to be The first quarter of the future of the West Lake High School.

“When he (Bris) first arrived in the school team, he really didn’t know how to put the pad in the trousers.” Once taught Bris, the West Lake High School Lord coach Ron Schroeded. “I remember that I was sitting on the stage to see the new two teams,” Schroer added: “He will have a trap, but this child has a characteristic, which is to avoid being hug, and can spread the ball. Of course , I don’t say that those who pick up Brisks all the ball, but this is a small detail, causing me to pay attention. “

In the second year, when Rogers became the main force of the school team, Bris entered the second grade. Rogers took the front cross-ligament in a game, just as Schroed said: “Basically, that is the last time, the last time, the last time in West Lake High School, Rogers.”

Schroed said: “Briser is in the training camp, the comprehensive ability is not high, but his value is in the game. He just got high and showed a very competitive instinct, he Feeling, the cognition of the ball, when he stands on the court, it seems that the position is him. “

From the beginning of the third, Briscited main quartz, the West Lake high school, the arrogant record of 28-0-1 under his leadership. However, the sudden ligament torn makes Brischers can’t, this serious injury makes him unable to participate in the university’s admissions training camp, which is only two universities willing to provide him with scholarship. However, when Bris recovered from the injury, he led the Senhu High School in the last year of the high school to achieve 16 wins and 0 negative breaking records, and won the status of the state, he also won the MVP of the State League and joined the University University.

“Every time I talk about Dru Bris, I am a great four-point guard. I think he has come to make the team have a quality change.” West Lake High School, the current principal, Fol Schwand offensive group coach Steve Rami said, “Stay Bris, the focus of our discussing is always on how he prepares the game every week, how to lead the team, and we will be on him See all the qualities with a winner. We are always saying that when you work hard to work in the right direction, it will come. Whether it is a Schroeder coach is still a coach, when they talk about Bris, always talking about these things. “

Despite this, Schroer didn’t think that all children like Bris were successful in NFL. Bris was unique: “No, I don’t think everyone can be like him. In fact, most High school professional rugby players are very prominent, whether Earr-Campbell or Wens-Yang, they all have some talent. But Bris didn’t. “

Falls – Old Master

Bris is not in, Falls have. “Work is great. When you have a high one, you have a 4-inch and 210-pound standard body, and the arm is also very thick.” Falls’ high school coaches said that such a body is already comparable to adults. Ramqi also remembered that he had seen Falls playing basketball in a high one, and the confrontation of Falls and senior students did not fall in the bottom of the wind. Ramzi believes that he can help him in the talents on the basketball court. Successful on the football court.

Falls belongs to the players who have a good job in the old man, in fact, in the middle of the middle school, it has been sensational in the local period. “There are many people talking about him, people will say ‘this is definitely the best quadruption since Bris, we have been skeptical. Because there are many unpredictable things happen from high school to high school graduates. However, his talent is unquestionable, we also think he will become a four-point guard here. “Lang said. In fact, the Falls high school is a rushed player, in the basketball court, he won the school MVP in two seasons.

Always go to the high, Falls are in the replacement. If you want to know “Philadelphia Special”, the Falls’ ball is coming, in fact, he has played near the end in the high school and played a period of time. Ramzi said: “He did finish a ball in the high school, but Falls also needed to jump to the ball than the Philadelphia special time, we gave this 6-foot 4-inch guys designed more Many ball tactics, he can be done easily. “

After the main three-point guard main force, Falls threw 5658 yards and 56 reachaes, breaking the record of 5460 yards and 50 times in Brisses. He also led the high school high school to the State Championship in the last year of high school, but the teammates in that game were poor, and the West Lake high school lost the game. Although so many achievements are made on the pass, the most impressed in Ram is that Falls never be self-centered.

“We played hands with a team in the first round in 2006, and their pass attack is also very powerful.” Rami recalls: “This game, you can understand that it is a battle. At that time, Falls found me and a running guard, we talked about talking, he thought ‘we played very well, now we should let the defensive group will put their offensive groups under the field, and our offensive group needs in the second half A large number of shock control time ‘. In accordance with him, we finally won the game. This fully illustrates that the team is in the first place, he trust his teammates, this is the most important.”


As we can see the two excellent quarterves of Bris and Falls in the high school in West Lake, the school pays more attention to the team rather than personal achievements, so there will be no eagle player Chris Long in their locker room. Scenes in Wells God. Instead, you must carefully observe the team’s team in the dress, or take a lot of photos near the basketball court near the gym, in order to find fans wearing their jersey numbers.

Despite this, Bris and Falls are still obvious – not just the upcoming playoffs. This is the second confrontation in the playoffs, the first time in 2013, the Saint 26-24 won.

Although Bris and Falls wore jerseters on the No. 15 and No. 7 jersey in the West Lake High School, they were uniformly wore 9 after they entered the alliance. And according to Falls, he chooses 9th is to follow the pace of Bris. Now, a high school of West Lake has appeared a alumni who broke two seniors records. Texas’s quartz Sam-Elinger’s high school effect during the West Lake, the pass number 6920 yards (2014-2016), more than the Falls 5658 code (2005-2006) and Bristed 5464 yards ( 1995-1996), the number of passes (82) is far ahead of two seniors (56 in Fort, 50 Brisses). A few weeks ago, Elinger led the Texas Long Kaigu team in the sugar bowl, who once wearing a West Lake High School, No. 15 jersey to Brisa.

Bris and Falls often participate in community activities in Homes, Falls and family are still living here, so people often see Falls from time to time in the street. A few years ago, when Falls recovered from the shoulder injury, he also threw several balls in the high school in West Lake. Xihu High School is currently head coach Todd – “You can think about it, this is what a great day for our children.”

Great people are more or less have the same place, then between Bris and Wolls? In addition to what is the same from the same high school?

“I think they are very modest young people. I think I can still call Bris for young people. They don’t have the kind of self-consciousness, always attribute to the offensive front line after winning the winner. Or defensive group. This is not doing it, they are particularly sincere. “Lang said:” When you pay attention to a football team, four-point guard is undoubtedly the core of the team, but they will praise others, I think this is The team forms a cohesive force and the key to success. “Lang said.

A few days later, Dru Bris led the saints to lead the eagle led by Nick-Fols in the playoffs, after reading the fun at high school, this game can also be It is understood as a “West Lake High School Alumni 4 Swarfs.” Is Bris Stable Taishan or a word of Falls “Fu”, Beijing time, 5:40 in the morning of January 14, and meet you.