The proximal front Glaham brings vital for the bear team! Can he find the past star style?

August 21 (Wen / ESPN Jeff Dickerson Compile / Love) Chicago Bear Sitai’s Offense is criticized by many people, their poor proximity performance is particularly conspicuous in numerous problems, for this, they even end in the election After retaining 10 nearly adjacent polasses; however, when they signed the forefront of the front star, the voice of the criticism is even more.

Jimmy Graham

Jimmy Graham

The 33-year-old Glaham was a top close-end front of the League with Gree, but he only had 38 battles in the 2019 season to advance 447 yards. This is the worst performance since his 2010 new show, he is also 3 Month is wrapped in a wrapper. The bear team paid a piece of 9 million US dollars to include the contract with the non-tradable terms in order to such a decline in the old end of the decree, which was obviously questionable.

“I have a lot of things to prove.” Glaham said in an interview on Thursday, “I mean, in the face of new opportunities, I have to do my best to grab it. I can be here and like this group The young people in Victory are very fortunate, you can’t feel the excitement in the locker room, you can feel the hot atmosphere of this team. There is no excuse, no one is mixed, and no one is crazy. The slogan; the team is well done very well in the health of all our people, we will also complete our responsibility. “

“For me, this may be the most special moment, because I want to play back here, I want to end my career here. Only one way can let me do this, I hope the team will win The final game. “Glaham said.

In the 2010 Elite Conference, Glaham was selected by the Saints, only the second season, he got 99 battles, 1310 yards to advance and the results of 11 times, becoming a flexible The number of excellent near-end. He has played a professional bowl during the 2010-2014 Effective Eagle and 2015-2017.

The Bear Team is now signed with Laham to naturally hopes that he can find a star hand, improve the team’s bad attack in the season; The second round of the draft selection came from Cole-Kmet from the University of Notre. From current training, Glaham is still satisfactory.

In the exercise of armor three times, Glaham’s performance is very good. In one-one red area exercise, the tall nearly 6 feet of 7 feet is almost a victory in every position with defensive guards; so we see him every time he is with angle. Or after the security guards reaches the arrival of the group, the ball will give the ball to the horizontal celebration.

Glaham brings vital for the bear team

Glaham brings vital for the bear team

There have also episodes in Tuesday’s training. At that time, Safe Wei Dang Bush fell to Glaham in the training, and the two sides had some push. The coach Matte-Naji talked about the responsibility of the responsible party in Bush, but praised Glaham’s spiritual power in training, and said that this spiritual force is sometimes very infectious.

“This is a kind of energy, this is the spiritual force that we need to offensive group.” Nair said, “We need that energy, there is a fire in the heart, this is nothing wrong. Jimmy is a very experience Players, he has experienced a lot, I think members of our team, not just the players of the offensive group, will respect him and like him. “

“I don’t think Jimmy does what I need to prove. But now, I think he is in a stage of career. He hopes to do every effort to become a champion team. In my opinion, these are proved Those samples have nothing to do. When you are in this alliance, just like Jimmy, you want to win the super bowl. The longer you have time in this alliance, you will get it. I like Jimmy. State, he is such a positive mental state to play a guidelines for the team’s young people, and he is in the same size. “Naji said.