The preseason performance is still very tragic, Bridgewater, was sent to the saints.

The New York jets have clearly stated that they are willing to trade Teddy Bridgewater with the right price, and now they have found the team who is willing to pay the right price. According to ESPN, US local time on Wednesday, August 29th, the jet team put Teddy Bridgewater and a sixth round of selection show to the New Orleans Saints, the Saint team needs to pay a third round Draft sign.

Bridgewater season is excellent in performance

Bridgewater season is excellent in performance

This approach is almost confirmed that Xiha Sam Darnod will become the first quarter of the 2018 season, 34-year-old Josh-McCahn did not play in the past two appearances, he will be jet No. 2 quartz. Some news said that this transaction is too sudden. The first second Bridgewater is also preparing to go to the bus to the Fourth Preparation with the Eagle, after a second, it is notified that he is traded, so you must not Don’t hurry with your teammates, rush to New Orleans.

The jacket, the jet is signed in the free market with $ 6 million in the price of $ 6 million. At present, they have paid $ 1 million in Bridgewater, but in fact the $ 1 million. The jet will be replenished by the Saints. Bridgewater is very cruel, because in addition to the $ 1 million guarantees, the remaining money contains the last time, the number of passes, the number of times, and the like limit regulations.

Bridgewater’s performance is good in the regular season, and the three games left 38 pass 28 (hit rate 74%) pushed 316 yards, two times, called a copy, pass the ball score 104.7 points. . Coincidentally, this transaction happened in Bridgewater to encounter a knee injury during the Knee injury, and now Bridgewater has recovered from injuries. He is present on the scene. Very self.

Bridge water life photo

Bridge water life photo

In the 2014 season and the 2015 season, Bridgewater played 29 games, but because of the left knee dislocation and ligament torn on August 30, 2016, the season reimbursement. I didn’t expect this injury, Bridgewater has returned to two years. She only played a game last season. In March this year, I signed with the jet.

The Saint team seems to be determined to upgrade Dru-Briser three-thirds of quarterfield. Also in the offset period, Bris and Saints have continued for about two years, in fact, he can not be able to make two years. Briseway will be 40 in January next year. If the BRES retirement, Briser retired, Briswater has been short-term, then the latter will become the most popular people who replaces Bris.

In 2006, the coach Shanen Pedon joined hands with Drew Bris to enter the main new Orleans, this 13 years, the team has never made today’s choices, although they are in 2017 Take away Patrick – Mahumus. In fact, the Saint team has paid an expensive price in order to sign Bridgewater, because the team’s wage hat has only 10 million US dollars, and has lost the first roundabout of the 2019 Elementary Election Conference. (This year, Saints in order to choose the defensive end Mucus-Dewport sent out the 2019 first round sign)

Currently, the two of the saints of the Saint team is the old Tom Sadwich and the second grade Dom Savichi and the second grade Don-Hill. Savich’s mid-range in the preseason show, and Hill’s performance is like a roller coaster, he appeared four mistakes in the second episode, and then on Week to play super gods against Los Angeles lightning.

From now on, Hill can almost certainly be left to the 53-member list of the Saint team, because the team is interested in this potential stock, in addition to this, he also plays an important role in the special group. If there is no accident, New Orleans will soon pass Savige’s news.

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