The positive and negative value is the first! Upper limit of Jordan under the limit? Sierras pits have suffered from the new discipline

Beijing time on November 26th, because there is no game today, we can review the performance of some players in the new season, let’s talk about new show, the new season begins, Xiubanes, Shi Shizus, no doubt, is the most stable The best rookie, the champion, Chan Ningan and the exploration, Mobil, also have a good performance, but only the new website is disappointing, and the season is today’s positive and negative value of -13.8 in all players in statistics. He ranks first.

Although many young players felt in the rookie season, Jaylin would appear such a situation. After all, he was from the development of the Alliance to NBA, and the experience of the professional league, he should be the fastest to adapt. The league, but he is now the most uncomfortable in the top four, and the season is 14 minutes to 3.1 rebound 2.3 assists in the season, with 38.2% of the shooting rate, and the three-point hit rate is 27.8% very inefficient.

Jaylin’s talent is visible to the naked eye. He has taken 30 points in a single field. This is the champion and exploration, and Barnes did not do. This shows that Jaylin has the potential of the top stars, and His performance has always been unstable. Some of this can be attributed to the body’s confrontation. He is too thin. In the future, this issue can be solved, but now Jay Green I think the biggest problem is in Salas.

The coach of Sierras will be unfamiliar, he is the prior to the offensive teaching assistance, very good at coaching the magic ball system, and the current rocket is the magic team, and the reason why Jaylin is not working, I think it is a plug. Las’s magic, Jaylin Greenfield is 12.7 times, 6.4 three points, three points, more than half of the three points, you say a new show is very difficult, after all, the alliance has implemented new rules, the defense of the outside Very strong.

Now there are almost few teams still play magic balls. The magical theory of the magic ball has become no longer practical after the new rules are implemented, and the Rocket is still insisting, and more important is that Jay Green he is not good at three. The player of the division, he is more good at breakthrough in the middle distance, and this to play him more spirituality, now Jaylin Green is a magic ball machine, as a young player, should let him try to find the right to play the right one. .

Really rocket gave Jay Green a lot of ball, but let him play in a template, such a system is a Harden, although it is the union superstar, but absolutely not reach the so-called upper limit of the ball. Jordan, the height of the lower limit Kobe, and Jaylin is a bulletic without Harden, so that the owner will fight the magic, do you think he can reach what height? Obviously it will not be too high.

I think the Rocket may try to replace the coach. Salas’s coaching skills have also seen it, use people to die and stubborn, and the ability to straighten the strain ability is very limited. If the truth is to give Jaylin Green to the Kidd, maybe he is now The performance has been expected, and it will not be like this. Jelengelin is 19 years old, his future is worth looking forward to, but if you play a one or two season Jaylin, you will be confident, then it’s really water.

Say this, everyone is thinking about Jaylin? Welcome to the message discussion.