The outline of the steel man is comparable to the country foot will support Brown to express the "arrange" crow.

Pittsburgh steelman is in a bad situation, as a team of the main scene of long-term locking season, this year’s steel people can only look at other people’s face to eat, this team wants to enhance the play game not only need Win the next game, but also expect Cleveland Brown to defeat the Baltimore Corps in the last round of regular season, so that the Pittsburgh steel team can obtain the partitioned name to advance the playoff game. Deliver your own destiny in someone else, the same example we have seen too much in Chinese men’s football, so this is not a reliable thing. However, there is an old saying, there will be the courage, the security of the Pittsburgh, there is a bold idea in Davis, he hopes to use some small gifts “bribery” Brown Si Baiku – Mefield, in order to encourage it to defeat the Baltimore Crow.

“We will pray for Brown, pray for Cleveland,” Sean Davis mentioned this game that determined steel people to die. Davis first focused on the game of tigers, and also hoped that Brown was full to defeat the crow. This safety guard also said that if Merfield can lead the Brown crow, he will give a small gift to Melfield.

This makes us recall the story of the Cincinnati Tiger team in the season. After Andy Daltton, the quarter-assigned hand sent Buffalo Biro into the playoffs, and his foundation has also received more than a million US dollars donated by Bill fans. This time, if Mefield can lead Brown to defeat the crow, then the steel man’s fans may also donate to it.

In addition, in 2010 to 2016, it is more expressive to Cleveland Brown, Cleveland Brown, said that he has arranged with Brown’s front teammates.

“I have already talked with Brown’s players. I gave them some motivation. I am very familiar with them. I know the idea of ??their hearts, even if it is already out, the players also want to use a victory. To draw the stations in this season, let alone face the enemy of the same district. “Joe-Harden smiled.

After the victory in the Saint, the Steel Man Team has only achieved a victory in the last five games, and the record is 8 wins and 1 flat 6 losses. However, in the last week, the steel man faces the recent winning 6 negative Cincinnati homok. Not only that, the steel man has achieved 7 consecutive victories against the tiger, the advantage of the mentality is huge; the Baltimore Crow is 5 victories in the last 6 games, but in the near future, the Brown, which has already achieved 3 consecutive victories, no competition It is so easy, but the only advantage of this game is that Cleveland Bridge has not won the ball in Baltimon 3 years. However, it is, in the past two seasons, Baltimore Colli is almost all in the last week of the season and the race of match.

Pittsburgh steel people have confident to defeat any opponent, but they can be defeated by any opponent. Recalling the performance of the steel man this season if they can win a victory in the team like the Auckland raid, now you don’t have to pay your own destiny in the hands of others.

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