The negotiation is deadlocked! Bell is absent from the first week of the steel person

Like the Pittsburgh Steel Squad and Levian – Bell’s fans are worried about their rigid relationship in recent months, bad, and though this is afraid to last for a while. On Wednesday, in the team meeting of the Steel Man, Levian-Bell still did not appear; this means that if the team can’t talk about the contract before Sunday, then in the first week of the battle Clevland Brown team Bell determined that it would not appear. [Click to enter the unveiled battle live broadcast] [Learn more NFL information]

Bell’s broker Adi Pasabari said in an interview with a radio, Bell may always stay on the bench after the season. In the speech, Bacali expressed the disappointment of the steel team management; when he was asked and Bell’s signing progress, he replied: “Because you are clear, I obviously will not discuss our plan. But I will answer this question with a question – or try to answer this question. You are Kevin Collbert (General Manager of the Steel Man), you are Mike Tomstu (Steel people coach), What is your goal? What is your plan? I think you can read from these words. “

Although Bell needs to sign the contract before the 11th week to become a free player in 2019, Bacali did not want to talk about these things. Because there is no signing of the privilege label, Bell will not face a fine of the team; but absent a week, he will lose $ 855 million unless he returns to the team before 4 pm in the eastern time.

As we all know, Levian – Bell has been seeking a long-term contract, while the steel people seem to have reservations on his health; before the two years, the steel organs have leaving this alliance with privilege labels. Super-class running guards. Bell also handed over the number of rush codes of 1200+, the number of shots of 600+ in two consecutive years; in addition, the data of more than 400 times a year is also displayed in the management of the steel people. It seems that there seems to be not existed before.

However, in 2018, when the two sides sat in the negotiating table again, the Steel people still gave Bell a privileged label contract. Although this contract is worth 145.4 million US dollars, it is still the highest in all running guards; however, this is always looking for long-term contracts. Bell felt that he did not receive a respect for the union of super-class running guards, so he angered this high privileged label contract.

And another thing has also exacerbated the deterioration of the situation. One month ago, the Run Todd Grre, who was a career in the Los Angeles race, received a four-year 60 million renewal contract, of which The affected part of the part of $ 45 million. This makes Levian-Bell have a standard that can be referred to, but it is clear that the Pittsburgh Stebers team does not want to send such huge long contracts. So, the stalemate of the negotiation continued to come today.

The team’s harmonic-Foster expressed the dissatisfaction with the Bell incident, “What are you doing? I think this guy doesn’t care, he earned money, it is seven times the money I earn, it is El ( Steel people team offensive cutaway Alehandro Viau Emoon twice, and we are helping him to earn these money. I know the purpose of the league is to make money, make money, I love it, But at least let us know (you will not come). “

More players don’t want too much to talk about this matter, the team’s quarter-Rodrisberg said that he is now more concerned about the Sunday’s game, “the team more than one person If Bell continues to absent, James Conne will appear as a first running guard, then the steel man’s offense will be very good. “For this popular second-year running guard, the team center Mao Jis-Pang The evaluation of the West is more active. “In NFL, there will be a star every year; who will think of Carrim Hunz Hunt (Kansas Emirates), will be a professional bowl level of running guards? If James Kang No more cancer, he is definitely the price of the first round, let us wait and see! “

If there is no accident, James Connant will serve as the first running guard in the Pittsburgh Steel Man. This player from the University of Pittsburgh is currently very popular with the team and fans, and even his jersey sales are in the forefront of the steel people. This anti-cancer fighter was taken away by the steel people in the third round of 2017, 14 games, dedicated 32 shots, 144 yards of personal data, and the squash codes 4.5 yards are more considerable.

It seems that the team’s new season pavement offensive is in this second grade running guard.

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