The NBA player has no salary in the playoffs, why is it so desirable? Three cases

NBA players don’t affect their annual salary in the playoffs, in order to change the player, there is no salary in the playoffs, but they did not slack off, they were there in the playoffs. Keep, let us see the most intense body confrontation, the most exciting personal performances and teamwork, so that the playoffs can be higher than the regular season.

I have no salary, why are they still desperate in the playoffs? In fact, it can be divided into three situations. The first one: the player of the star – warfare for honor; second: the player in the contract – in order to bonize the battle; the third: the team’s players – the performance of the playoffs Capital of a good contract.

First type: player at the stars

Such a player has obtained a contract with high salary and guaranteed, but they have to prove that they have such a big contract in the playoffs. It is said that the playoffs is a stage of superstars, and it is a horse, I know it in the playoffs. Some people are playing very well in the regular season. In the playoffs, it makes people falling in the glasses. Some people are in the regular season, but they have come to the playoffs, and only in the playoffs, they will prove that their players will get them. The biggest recognition, otherwise the reputation is damaged, and even “high-paying low energy” labels.

For James, Durant, Curry and other graders, their goal is to lead the team to hit the championship, they fight for honor, when they have a difference in the playoffs, they will be loaded The history of the history, the performance of the playoff will determine the historical status of them, like Novitzki leads the monetaries in 2011. If there is no championship, his historical position will not rise so much, he often mentioned after he retired It is a tag that will not be able to get rid of “soft egg” label, he will not get rid of “soft egg” label, and he has lost many 名, finally defeating the Head of Three giants in the 2011 playoffs, is a single core A model that tested the team won.

As an NBA star, they have already worn, don’t worry about quality, this makes them pursue the satisfaction of the spirit, nothing is more satisfied than defeating the opponent in the playoffs, if there is, then That is to lead the team to get the championship, with the championship in the street, accept the cheers of the fans, at that moment, they are the superhero of the city.

Second: Players with reward clauses in the contract

Some teams will have a big contract for the more potential players, but in order to encourage this player to force the drafting of the team, they will set some reward clauses in the contract, such as how much the number of appearances, help the team What achievements have been made in the regular season, selected for all stars, selected for the best lineup, defensive lineup, help the team in the playoffs far, etc.

For example, Capera signed a $ 90 million contract in 2018 and the Rockets, with 80 million US dollars to be guaranteed, no matter whether he is good or not good after signing the contract, you can get this $ 80 million. The remaining $ 10 million is given in the form of rewards, and the conditions to achieve settings can get bonuses.

The contract is clearly stipulated that each season’s defensive rebound rate reaches 30%, and the free throw rate reaches 60% awards $ 500,000, and each season helps the team to kill the Western finals to reward $ 1 million. 5 years of contracts, if each season can help the team can get 5 million US dollars, can help the team to kill the western finals, Canada, what reasons Not in the playoffs, it is desperate to express yourself, and the NBA players like him are not in a small number.

The third: fight for the next contract

NBA has many temporary workers, and there are also many role players. They urgently need a chance to go to shine, and the playoffs is what they prove their own opportunities. Although they are not as good as the star, there will be many inclusion tactics in the playoffs. When their own stars are caught, these players will get more performance opportunities, and those who have the ability and active players can become decisions. “X factors” on the game, such players will get a good contract during the offset season.

Last season, the fastess team defeated the Jazz into the western situation in the case of Lennad injury, and the teenager Temnguity played an important role. His original contract was $ 5.33 million in 4 years, the last year It is not guaranteed, but with excellent performance in the race, he has obtained a 212 million US dollar in advance, and instantly turns into a million-salary player.

There is also the Confielder of the Sun Team. That is the NBA’s edge player, and he has also developed in CBA. He performs excellent in the last season of the season, and several game Paul is missing, he The play is that the eyes can help the team when Paul will take a rest after Paul, and his performance has been recognized. This year’s snap-in period has been a 3-year 19 million US dollars, this division He has more money earned in a few years.

In summary, although there is no salary at the player playing season, they are very important to them in the playoffs, and they will have honor, they will receive honors, they will receive recognition. With a good reputation, you will also get a return of money. What reasons do they have to be desperate in the playoffs?