The MLB playoff just opened the Warriors and injured Martin’s fever.

The MLB amenities have come to the stage of the playoffs. The Atlanta Warriors in the top of Guandian East are there in bad news. The post-aid pitcher Chris Martin is pulled into the abdomen in the national affiliate partition series. It is expected that he will miss the rest of the series.

It is reported that Martin hurts the left abdomen muscles before the first game, and even Martin left the game before the team was not officially picked up. Martin received a nuclear magnetic resonance today.

Martin’s list is now replaced by Julio Teheran. If the Warriors can go further to the playoffs, Martin will not be qualified to play.

In the first game of the National Affairs Division Series, the relay pitcher on behalf of Martin was released by Luke Jackson, and the PAUL GOLDSCHMIDT was able to change the spring. 3-2. Although the last panel of the warrior, the squad is still in a difficult competition with 7-6.

According to MLB official news, Martin said to the reporter: “Because my injury caused teammates to take the ball very bad, my injury is very sudden, the coach must emerge in the hands of the hand, especially in the fierce competition in the playoffs. It’s hard! I really feel very uncomfortable. “

Warriors Coach Brian Snitker said: “Before the start of the playoff, our lineup is ready. But Loss Martin is a big blow.”

Sighted Chris Martin with a fireball, on July 31, the transaction deadline was traded from Texas to Cavalry to Atlanta Warriors to make up sunset. He played 20 times this season, and the self-blade rate in the 17th game was 4.08.