The first battle was opened to the ball! Spaceman coach Baker calmly said that "we don’t panic"

The second game of the MLB World Competition is in full intense, but the first consensus of the previous day is unimained to the Atlanta https://www.mlbtrojerse.comWarrior at the home of the Houston space, and this is the 5th time since 2019. Loak the host at home in the World Competition. Although the left pitcher Waldes has been exploded early, and the main bearer Otti, Braggman and Coreya added 12 times to shoot 0 play, but the spaceman coach Dasti-Baker is still calm, “we don’t panic” .

“Our team doesn’t have to worry, I am very confident in them.” Baker said after the first game, “We have a trick to re-vain after the ball, especially after the difficult failure, because they will always Don’t give up, they are not frustrated, this is the secret of we can get out of trouble. “

Baker said that the opening of this game is “shocked”, because Waldes’ third ball is not bad, but the Warriors open the road George – Soller’s rod, a romantic gun. Subsequent Warriors Walch firepower, Waldes lost 4
points and was replaced at the 3 game.

“This is my first time to participate https://www.trikotskaufenn.comin the World War, so I said that there is no pressure.” Waldess said, “I have been knocked so many points in this game, and it is bigger than everyone.”

However, the spaceman also took behind the red socks in the United States of America Championship, but in the end they also gain 3 consecutive victories, so the head coach Baker is not worried about the future stage of the series. “When you fail, you must forget yesterday. But when I walked into the player, I have never seen these people worried that they know that they can return to the score, and they know that they can master this series.”

“This is just a game. Wear shoes and play again. “