The first arrival, but not revenge Rosen’s affectionate message, I also help to find accommodation

Although Rosen canceled the practice of the Social Media on the social media on Friday, the NFL network analyst (former black leopard star) Steve Smith is dissatisfied, but Rosen is in the past six afternoon in social media.A article was released, which expressed to Arizona, the blessing of the red tones, and even full of Keller Murray.”For a series of things that have just happened, I want to say a few words,” Rosen’s video started with the video published on Ins, “said the fans of the Sapphire, thank you for your past year.I am always a support. I know that we didn’t win the so many games expected, but I spent a unbelievable time in this desert. Unfortunately, I am here to end here.But you got a great player – Keller Murray, he will be in this red ocean. “