The big gold chain is sent to the best rookie caused by the bet between them.

The entire 2018 season, it is clear that only two players are eligible for the best offensive. The new show – Zhenyuan Lang Baker – Melfield and the Latle Sakura – Buckley. Mefield has achieved 6 wins in 13 wins in the first shipment, and the first debut was directedant to the reversal. The season was 27 times of the season. The success rate was 64%; Bakley rushed out 1307 yards. And 11 shocks of the ball, and he also completed 91 batts to advance the 721 yard to harvest 4 battles. There is no doubt that they are very good.

Two rookies have proud capital, in fact they quietly play a small gambling last year, who can get the best offensive show, you can get a gift from each other.

“Yes, it is a big gold chain.” Buckley said earlier this year: “The failed person has to prepare a gift to the other side, but he is Merfield, you never know what will be. Obvious everyone I like to talk about us more successful, so this bet is very fun. When this season ended, we wanted to know who won. But I have to declare a little, this is just a small gambling, friendly little bet, our relationship is very Ok, this is a big gold chain representing friendship. “

On February 3 this year, the NFL 2018 season awards ceremony was held in Atlanta. As an epoch-running guard, Bakley was selected as NFL2018 the best in the new show. On June 23, Bakley showed us the big gold chain gave him to him, and wrote “@ field bet lost to me.” The end with three crying expressions.

Let’s take a look at the details of the necklace. This is Melfield to customize the special customs of Barkley, except for the gold, and the word “quads” is set with diamonds. “Quads” refers to the Barkel’s amazing thigh muscles, and it is also related to many of them from the Sa Qa’s “saquads”.

“I will give him a ‘Quads’ word”, and Mefield said in an interview in February: “Not ‘saquads’, only ‘quads’, more than two letters will spend more money, so only use ‘Quads’ is enough. “Buckley said that the only shortcoming this gambling is that the gift must be prepared by the lunker:” Fortunately, I won, so I will get a big gold chain, so that what is the specific design of him is his Things, no matter what he makes, I will wear, this is a gift. “

According to Mefield, Buckli didn’t like being called “saquads” because his thigh is too thick, and it will cause it to himself. But as a gift, Mefield is obviously going to prepare “quads” to take the opportunity to retaliate.

“Quads” is definitely a perfect synonym of Barkley, and Mefeld is willing to gambled for a big gold chain. Barkley may wear himself in the game in Cleveland Brown, maybe two people will get regular game MVP.