(Text / ESPN Compile / 皓阳) Beijing time May 31, Massachusetts Governor Charlie-Baker announced that the state’s five professional alliance teams can returned to their respective venues from June 7, Beijing. The five teams include MLB’s red stockings, NFL patriots, NBA Celtics, NHL’s Boston Brown Bear and MLS New England https://www.mlbtrojerse.com Revolution.Fenwei StadiumAfter a few years in close a venue for a few years, the United States recently opened the venue for training for players of all alliances. New York is announced last week, California, Texas also followed. It is also the hitting area of ??New York’s epidemic in New York, and the number of diagnosed people in the state exceeds 100,000 refers to the fourth state in the United States. Fortunately, like other East coasts, the recent new diagnosis case has a slowdown trend.Governor Baker mentioned the classic moment of the state team history in the history of the state, including the patriot super bowl, reverse hindle, the brown bear won the championship, the Celtics and the Lakers once again And the red socks sweeping the flush to break the “Babbius Mantra” and the Sir of the https://www.fanstore2.com

Yangji. At the same time, he also emphasized that all professional teams should follow the relevant epidemic prevention terms of their respective alliances, and they do not forget to prevent epidemic.



The Celtics announced that the team will restart the training field in Beijing time, and the players can voluntarily return to the team. At the same time, the team follows the city, state, federal disease control center and NBA regulations, only four people are allowed to train.

The NFL is most special, due to the hustle break, the impact is small, the League President Roger GuDel announced that the sniper season will be extended in the team meeting in Beijing. In the memo sent to 30 teams, the teams mentioned that the teams will have a next stage of restart venues from next Monday.

NHL is early first announcement https://www.mlbdrakterno.com will be directly opened in the season after recovery, and the team will be 24, and the alliance has also announced the rules after related recovery competitions, including allowing the group to interceban. Training.

Since MLB and players will also in progress in the championship, the red socks have not had an announcement after this state government will be lifted, and the players are dissatisfied with the initial agreement reached by the league, and the negotiations of the Alliance are deadlocked.