C Luo was questioned! Expression is dissatisfied with the surprise, but it is called a Savior and a toxic tumor.

The situation of Manchester United this season also makes many fans feel quite speechless. Although the team spends 15 billion pounds of the transfer fee to refuse and reinforce, and get the three powerful super stars such as C Luo, Sang Joh. But in addition to C Luo still keeps his own treasure knife is not old, the performance of the two is very difficult, and the atmosphere and record of the team’s locker aking news room also makes many fans are quite speechless, and even media broke the news. Players are very dissatisfied with the status quo of the team.

And C Lu Yan is therefore said that it is said that it is very speechless for Manchesterday’s requirements for players’ training in recent years. It is considered that this is very different from the past, and he also thinks Sore Skia’s coaching ability is quite limited and is not suitable for coaching now Manchester United. In addition, there is a media to expose C Lu Luo and Manchester United contract to be written. As long as the team does not have a championship next season, he can choose to leave the team, because he is impossible to fight the European Union Cup, this He is a lot of shame, so many fans are very large for C Luo’s opinion. Although the team can get the first position in the Championship this season, there are still many people who think that he is a tumor of the team’s locker room, and many people bring Manda to C Lu Luo. Decided to have questions, is this what is the current newsreally suitable for the team?

And the most opposed voice of the sound is the front England coach McLarn. He is directly open against C Luo in his own blog. It is straightforward. Anything can be destroyed, but his influence of the locker room is also very huge, and even if there is no dessert in his recipe, other players can also enjoy the dessert. At the same time, he is the absolute core of the team attack. B, Greenwood and others have to give him the opportunity to shoot him, which also leads to Manchester United to be more and more serious about his dependence, and often C Luo It is very good to win a good performance team to win. Once he is restricted to the overall record of the team.

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He also suggested that Salske Ascension’s ability to use good C Rool, he is both the answer to the team’s winning, and the team’s problem is, if it is not treated, this problem is still very big. He suggested that Co-let C Luo got into the team, rather than just on the team now, let the entire team form an organic whole.