At 3 am!Big Paris is also turned over, Dana Ramma low-level mistakes, and lost the ball for 4 consecutive games.

Because many American players have not yet returned, Pochtino is only half of the substitute lineup.However, although Mbpe, Vila, Erela, Donar Ramama and head line news today other super superstars are in lineup, but Paris has won 4780 euros of prize in Paris that doesn’t seem to be big.Just 4 minutes later, Mbpe on the basket, this has the opportunity to shoot, but unfortunately the ball flew to the correct direction and was caught by the door.In the European Union Cup to news competition, Mbpe helped the French team to win the championship, a decline of the European Cup, his next goal is to make full preparation for Paris.In the absence of the main strikers such as Messi and Nemar, Icali also had the opportunity to start.After 18 minutes, the on the left side released the FC.In the google new first half of the game, the big Paris at home did not have much advantage. Although their respect was 10 times higher than the opponent, there was no great threat to the offensive end.

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