Ferdinnad: Chik is very deterrentous, he let me lioneered Ya Ya-Tei

Live Bar November 3, in this round of Champions news 7 today League Saiche, Malm?, the Blue Army player Chike’s first represents the team in the Champions League game in the Champions League, and contributed a good performance.Ferdandan demonstrated times of india company that Chike’s play in the show made him associate Midama Middle Field Asia – Ture.

“It is a very good attempt to take Qike, and he is very deterrent in the midfield. His play brought a vitality and confrontation intensity to Chelsea, I like to see him in the best state, just like nowIn india today newspaper this way, he reminded me of the Asian-Tundre. ”

Chik This season has been played 8 times in Chelbi, only 3 first, contributing 2 assists.