What is the weight of the woman’s lead ball?

Numerous children around hindi news prayagrajthe world are enjoying the pleasure of waistballs. Just like street football and basketball, this football really doesn’t need a lot of regular venues. Just find a piece of empty, draw up up to the array, find two straps don’t be in the waist, the children can play. Compared with formal football, its rules and tactics are much simple, but don’t mean that players don’t need brains. They still need dense dodge and tacit cooperation, teamwork is especially important in rugby action.

1. The ball movement is tehran bangla news todaythe most basic action of rugby. Before doing this action, you should bend your knee, your eyes stare at the arc of the ball, you can’t leave the ball.

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2, when the ball is about to come, quickly open the arms to the ball, the palm is completely opened, and the finger is extended. Keep your body slightly touched or stand up, then brought the ball with both hands.

3. Before passing, keep the knee microscopic curvature, move forward, then look at the time and position of his own player, take force to shine.

4, after the ball is filled, whether the ball is passed to the player, and runs quickly, ready to catch the ball and pass it, to ensure that one of your own is the biggest score.

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Some people say that rugby can’t develop in China. But in fact, in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, the middle school students are enjoying this game. In an offense once again, they cheered for each yard that advanced, and hugged each other. A student’s mother said that the child has changed since playing football, full of joy. She looked at the inner way, struggling to run on the court, and she was excited to shouting for the team outside.

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In fact, football is the same as football basketball. It is enough to attract a lot of Chinese to re-recognize it and fall in love with it. Children’s waist flag is a fun game, they enjoy sweating and success. Every attack and obstruction can make them stronger.

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