Premier League-C Luo Chunjian Kavani won the first ball of Manchester United 3-0 victory

Beijing time October 3tamil new hot stories 1st, at 0:30, the 10th round of the 2021/22 season Premier League was a focus war, the thermal thorn was against the monarch. C Rosa’s first record, Cavani and Rushford’s second half of the second half, finally took away the victory 3-0, and finally won the four rounds.

This game, Vallane injury is replenished, and the Mizsel and Lindlov partner Sanzhong Wei. Cavani and C Ronaldo started, Rushford tonic. Hot thorn, Sun Xingzhen and Kane work together.

Opening the two sides provoked to test directly. In the 6th minute, Sun Xingzhen first took the Manchester United line with a foot from a foot, and the ball was blocked out of the bottom line. Subsequent corner kick offensive, Losolo Empty shoots. In the 7th minute, the B fidelity road 45 degrees, Kava nice ago bowed against the distal column.

After 2 minutes, Kavani served the world’s best news channelshot of the shot after the right road. In the 18th minute, Luke Xiao fell into Xiaoluas to eat yellow card, then Maquier also got a yellow card because of the movement.

In the 23rd minute, Xiao Lu Cas came to pick up, Sun Xingzhi left the empty ejection to play the ball. After 1 minute, Manchester United’s post-League launched a counterattack, and B fealth tied to the penalty area, etc.

In the 27th minute, the piles opened the right corner, Dell jumped in the crowd, and Romero took the ball into the ball with the chest. But Romero is in the first, and this goal is invalid.

In the 3rd minute, Fred remote shot hit an arc ball and was thrown out by Lori. In the 34th minute, Sun Xingyi has formed a single knife in the counterattack, and the ball is taking the ball along the middle road. Wan Zhaka is chasing it to the penalty area, but Sun Xingzhen is also off.

In the 39th minute, the goal has finally happened! B-fee Zone Branch, Ben Davis right road defensive knot will go through the ball, C Luo is in the small angle of the air, and Manchester United 1-0 lead!

In the 43rd minute, Losobo telematies high shines. At the end of the first half, Manchester United took a 1-0 score to enter the middle field.

The second half is easy to fight again. In the 46th minute, Dege Asia opened the big feet by Xiao Luz on the right road, the latter promoted to the proof area, and Sun Xingzhi banned the zone of the arc to biased the right column.

In the 47th minute, C-Luodo McCominai felt into the penalty area right road, but the referee confirmed that the C-Yue is in the first, and the goal is invalid.

In the 57th minute, Sun Xingzi arc ball was transmitted, Schipei head ball was biased.

In the 64th minute, B fees in front of the front field, the counterattack, gave C Luo, C Ronalded inserted, swayed the Schpep, the Cavani anti-offside successfully brought the ball to Rommelo into the right side of the penalty area, In the face of the attack, aaj ka paper Cavani calmly push the ball into the ball, harvest the first ball of personal season, Manchester United 2-0 lead!

In the 70-280 minutes, the two teams have changed more people, and the pike is replaced by Ali, Manda with Rashford, Martic and Lin Gad replaced C Luo, B Fees and Kawa Ni.

In the 86th minute, the replacement player is connected, Martic Middle Road is straight, and Rossford anti-offside successfully forms a single knife, attack the left area left right foot to push the far corner to enter the network, Manchester United 3-0 locks the victory!

Then there were no build trees in the two sides, the game ended, and finally Manchester United game 3-0 wins, 3 points, the end of the four rounds of four rounds, and rose to the Ying Yue Leaders. Fifth.

Both sides appearance lineup: