C Luo, Fati is in use, this "gun" is aimed at football

Special reporter Xu Hao report AK47 is a lot of guns in the face of YYDS, and there is a “gun” in the past two years in the sports field. It is a must-have item for sports enthusiasts. This is the fascia gun – earliest popular in the fitness circleIt has now begun to penetrate the popular exercise and recovery technology to all sports projects.

What is a fascia gun?Then I will know the fascia.The fascia is a close connective tissue, which wraps muscles, muscles, blood vessels, nerves. It is like a lubricant, helping everyone’s physical exercise. It can be described as a whole body for the human body.When everyone has a movement for a long time, the fascia is not relaxed, and the long-lasting rakesh asthana news long-term flexibility will deteriorate, dehydration, adhesion, contracture, etc., which also reflects a series of strains and lesions, such as fascia., Skeletal muscle pain, lumbar muscle strain and other diseases.

Fascia Fascia Gun Gun was originally derived from the English. Principle is through high frequency vibrations break up adhesions fascia, accelerate blood circulation, relax muscle tissue. Compared to using traditional foam roller or ball fascia, fascia gun technology for more precise and deep fascia and muscle relaxation. And the result of “gun” shape, so that the product aroused the most curiosity. Fascia gun “gun”, due to the high-frequency striking shape design and function name. Mostly fascia market handheld guns to strike ssb news rate per minute back and forth movement of 2000-26000, an amplitude of about 16mm. Fascia with a gun, also offers various massage adapters, thereby to massage different muscles and fascia area.

As a result, different from the traditional massage equipment, fascia gun main function is to relax the fascia. As defined in medicine, the fascia is a connective tissue, collagen is the main constituent elements, usually attached to the skin below. Fascia divided into three categories: superficial fascia, visceral fascia and deep fascia. Simply put, fascia main function is to reduce friction between the muscle tissue to help muscles recover better.

vrl logistics newsThe reason is that the need to relax the fascia, the body or local muscle damage after high-intensity exercise will produce adhesions, this is the way to protect the body muscles, but also hinder the recovery of muscle or fascia of protection mechanisms. Therefore, a way to relax fascia also prevent sports injuries.

Fascia gun birth time is not long, Hyperice regarded as the originator of the brand which, it was his family successfully fascia gun onto the altar. Hyperice first product will be free to develop their own NBA players use. When players come to rest, the audience from the televised footage will see their idol use a gun as a tool to relax the muscles, these NBA star’s fan base throughout the world, at least 10 million, as long as they use the asianet news careers product, They are likely to be fans crazy imitation. Successfully in many fans, but also fitness enthusiasts in grass Hyperice this wave of marketing.

Subsequently, this was originally a small minority of fitness products are sought after more and more fitness enthusiasts, fitness more users to become its advocates. – Friends of the circle, the fascia to relax, and even become a ritual after fitness indispensable.

Any movement of goods will not ignore the huge football market. Hyperice last year reached the Premiership, Tottenham became the official supplier of rehabilitation. Are particularly excited when Tottenham player was faced with a pile of rehabilitation “black technology” products, the fascia Davis also took a gun and Son Heung-Min joked, the Korean chuckled.

Fascia gun Another veteran brand Theragun more in June this year successfully signed C · Lo as its brand ambassador. As a leading global fame shooter, C · Luo’s ability to control the pitch and the pursuit of perfection of the spirit admirable, how to keep the world’s best place in the law of the jungle camouflage of strong competitors, C · Luo will relax the body to recover in the first place. C · Luo disclose their occupation Evergreen partly due to the use of the most advanced technology to recover the body. This hand-held gun and fascia impact massage equipment, help speed up recovery, prevent injury and improve overall athletic performance, it has also become C · Luo daily recovery tool.

As early as 2017, when Real Madrid C · Luo also the founder Theragun doctor, Jason has a gun to promote their fascia Real Madrid player and coach. Jason was surprised to find that the original C · Luo long been using their brand foot massage ball. Xiangfenghenwan, especially to doctors Jason C · Lo Hoi special treatment, taught him how to best take advantage of the fascia gun to help them speed up the recovery routine. Gradually, doctors Jason C · Luo won the trust and eventually became his athletic resume consultant.

“My body is my weapon to victory. Want outstanding performance, you need a higher degree of recovery.” C · Luo explain the reasons for their so brand teamed with Jason. Now C · Luo has been customary to use their own brand endorsements of massage products, focusing on the legs and feet for recovery.

Seize the football market fascia gun is not just foreign brands, local brands are also action. In April, Yunmai technology and Barcelona player Anso · Fathi formally signed, which has become a global spokesperson Yunmai fascia gun.

October 31, 2002 born Anso-Fathi, 10 years old to enter La Masia training camp in August 2019 to complete the La Liga debut. In the same year September 18, the upcoming 17-year-old Fathi starter in the Champions League away game against Dott game Barca in, breaking the history of Barcelona Bojan held the youngest Champions League starters (when Bojan Champions League debut 17 years 22 days ) record. 2020 September 7, Spain in Group D Euro Class A National League second round match against Ukraine, 17-year-old Fathi behalf of the Spanish national team game, and with a wonderful world wave broke into the first grain harvest national team ball, Spain became the youngest scorer in team history.

In November last year, injured and Real Betis game, Anso · Fathi was told torn left knee meniscus, the 18-year-old teenager has had multiple surgeries, after nearly 10 months the rehabilitation was able to return to the game. During recuperate, Anso · Fathi exposed to massage the fascia gun, from rampant, and ultimately to cooperate with the cloud Maida.

August 5 this year, the official declared Messi left Barcelona, ??who will inherit a time of 10 livery bowl Barcelona, ??has become a hot topic in the circle. September 1, Barcelona announced the honor to Anso-Fathi, who will wear the number 10 shirt Lionel Messi once fought the Spanish and European competition. This is not a simple dress of Anso · Fathi it, but that he’s capacity has been recognized by Barca, he will be focus on training as Macy’s successor, and became the focus of world attention. The cloud wheat, the signing of this six months ago really turned a profit.

Now the team has begun to spread in Europe and America use fascia gun, but with the proliferation of C · Luo and Anso · Fathi influence of these players, I believe fascia gun will be accepted by more and more amateur football enthusiasts. After a hearty game, you will take this “gun” Treat yourself to it?

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