NFL football chief of the fourth quarter reversal 31

On the morning of February 3, the 54th Super Bowl was started in Miami Hardstone Stadium, and the two Federation of Alliance Champions Kansas City chief 49 people in San Francisco. The final chief 31-20 completed the big reversal, and the last 50 years won the super bowl of champion, once again hoped a super bowl Wens-Lombarti Cup.

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Mahmos was selected by the super bowl of MVP, and he was only 24 years old. He was also the youngest super bowl of MVP in NFL history, and became the youngest player in the regular game MVP and Super Bowl.

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Wonderful review of the competition

The first competition, 49 owner’s teaching Kyle Salunhan uses pakistan cricket news in urdu tactics to help the team continue to advance, the road attack firepower is open. However, the chief has to prevent death in the end area, only 49 people get a free kick, Robie-Gould be 38 yards, 49 people 3-0 chief.

The second wave of chiefs gradually retrieved, Patrick Mahms repeatedly connected close to Tel Avis-Kelish into the red area, facing 1 code, Mahms himself The fake movement deceived opponents, scorpion reached score, and the chief of 7-3 leads 49 people.

The kairali news channel second game started, 49 people committed a big mistake, Jimmy-Garobolo was pressed by the pressure of the pressure by the Chief Corner, Brazz, Bridide, the chief, through the four stages Strongly entered the Red District, play the ball Harrison – Bartke 31 yards, score 10-3.

49 people attacked the second festival pavement, and the last game rushed out of more than 200 codes plus 4 Dalun, the Runma-Merstet rushed out of the first attack, and the Garobolo wiring Wei tamil political news Baiji Zhu Zek completed 15 yards, 49 people slammed the score of 10-10.

In the third game, 49 people took the lead in launching offensive, with a few connected lines of Garobolo and George-Kitel, and finally by playing the ball in Guard, 42 yards, 49 people retrieve 3 points Leading advantage, score 13-10.

Mahmus passed a major deviation, directly by 49 people, Guid Walner Co. After 49 people, the four-point guard, the first half of the past half, the pass almost hundreds of hundreds, several times, pushed to the red area, Merste Tit Tettan Duo, score 20-10.

In the fourth game, when the chief saw the chance to see the score, the external hand Taili-Hill brought down by 49 people safe Wei Tata Valius-Moore.

In the offense of the chief after this, Mahmus is headed by Hill to the key first attack, and finally found Tel Avis – Kyle, score 20-17.

In the last 5 minutes, Mahms was born to find Sami Waterkins into the red area, and then found the Run Tmian-Williams completed the reachable, score 24-20.

There is still no longer left, 49 people do not fight, after the hand is handed over to the ball, the chieftain runs away from Williams again, and the killing competition is rushed out again, score 31-20. In the end, the chief of the axiate the score of 31-20 to finally won the 54th Super Bowl champion.

This is the first “double red club” in the super bowl, and the main color of the two teams is red. The chief won the championship to create history, and it will win again in 50 years. This is also the first crown of the head coach Andy – Riddles, and picks up the title of the king.

The youngest super bowl MVP

The chief quarter of the Saxonymus super bowl is sealed, only 24-year-old Mahmus was elected a super bowl MVP, “Magic Kid” contributed 42 pass 26, passed 286 yards 2 times , Plus 1 shocked ball reached the bright performance, helping the team to win the super bowl of championship again over 50 years.

As a football fan, James also focused on this year’s one NFL drama. After the game, he first congratulate the chief of the old handsome Andy Reed.

“I am sincere happy for great Andy Reed, congratulations to the old handsome!” James wrote on his own twice.

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Kansas City Chiefs trikot
Kansas City Chiefs trikot