FIFA has confirmed the origin of the football, why is the British think England is the origin?

Speaking of this google samachar hindi main competitive sports in football, I believe everyone will not be strange, as the first three big balls of the world, the origins of football are always controversial. Some people say that it is ever-evolved by the continuous evolving, and the earliest originated in ancient China, so in most Chinese users seem to, the old ancestors of football are China. It is ancient Chinese people invented this movement, just after being Other Western countries have grown, not only that, in ok google today early 2004, FIFA also confirmed that football originated from China

But this statement is completely ridiculous, there is no basis for some basis, because the origin of football is in Europe, England, and has begun to have a football game in the early 12th century, and China has not yet There is any promotional development of 蹴 蹴, so China’s 蹴 蹴 is not the times of india goa origin of century football.

For this very controversial topic, the author believes that China and England have a vital impact on the birth of football, but this does not represent the predecessor of the world football. First of all, we need to understand the difference between 蹴 and modern football, although it is a sports competition that is the first to play, but it is only a form of football, and the football form in European countries is the predecessor of modern football. head line news today The two requirements of the equipment and rules are inconsistent. The speech proposed by the British scholar is the world football, which is the football form we have seen. This football is also known as modern football, we can’t be part of Koreans. “The same, see what I think they are the culture of their own country.

And if you have to be a birth year, then in Africa in more than 5,000 years, there is a “game” that records the kicking stone. This is also kicked with a piece of item. Is this that this is the earliest inventive in accordance with Football. of? This is a statement of strong words. At the same time, I learned that I know that more than modern football is more in contact with the modern football, and it is more like the “kick” today, there is more in the air, and the “goal” is more small, more is more Hyun skills, aaj ka headlines and there is no very strict regulations, unlike two and a half games like modern football, the players don’t have too many flowers, just simply rely on the team to work.

That is to say, Chinese ancient Chinese is just a kind of entertainment, it is necessary to define it, it can be explained as the predecessor of the kick, and the football in Europe in Europe, because the birth of the birth is clear rule restrictions, so they are the world. Modern football origin. Although these two sports can be collectively referred to as football, they are totally two concepts. Finally, I think that there is nothing more than that we level, if China is a world football big country, the final answer may change, and those Western scholars will not consciously study this problem.

Special Editor: Su Daqiang
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