Best player candidate in this wheel: C Ro PK La Wan Dibara + Gon Salvis

In the early hours of the morning, the Guoyan team members watched the game of West B B, Sabadel VS Barcelona B team, and he also new samachar hindi updated his social media.

He Xiaohao said: “On the weekend, I went to the League of the Sabadell, the opponent was the Barcelon team, and the two teams were hot, especially the Sabadell just downgrade from Xishi for the season (this season increased investment. Back to the T League)

The on-site atmosphere is very enthusiastic, once again feeling the European football culture, in fact, in addition sabarimala contact number to the top club, 90% of the fans are composed of local residents, and parents take their children from small to the game, 4, 5 Year-old child is a team flag (Figure 8) This scene is really common in Europe.

Although what’s going on google Jishing is the third-level league, but the intenseness has not been too big and the integrity of SH, especially this game (after all, from Xishi, the other side is the world’s best young training camp Players outgoing

I also hope that I can enjoy the happiness of my football to myself from the youth venue, soon I will stand on Europe! ”

Recently, He Xiaoyu officially retains the Saawl U19a team in the Ocean, but he still needs to play at the time of the team. In the future, he is expected to participate in the highest level of 19 years old under the highest level of 19 years old in Spain – Football youth Honor times of india news feed League.

We also wish He Xiaoyu’s leaving career, can all be smooth.

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