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Sun Heng and Liu Yu are the 2021 high school graduates, and they have entered the University of Peking University with a high level of football players. This achievement has also created a new record of Guangdong “Surgery Integration”.

On the road of “Learning Football”, Hua attached “why can you?”

A 30,000-word long letter is concerned about Hua Football

The century school Huappi has been adhering to the philosophy of “No Sports, Not Hua]. They think that sports itself is a best education. The previous Huayu people like to engage in various sports projects, and some sports competitions. score.

Most of the personal development of Hua attached sports pointers have not chosen the path of professional athletes, but through the physical foundation and cultivated international field of physical exercise, it has entered the more broad professional platforms in all walks of life. For example, Hua Union school, “National Treasure” class, Zhongnan Mountain, Zhongnan Mountain, is the most typical example.

In 2014, the small player called He Huico’s U15 echelon sent a letter to the “Guangzhou Daily”. This is a long text of more than 30,000 words. He Huacu has experienced his 7-year ball experienced his thinking about the Guangzhou football younger training system. At that time, the football community triggered a huge sensation.

At that time, the Guangzhou U15 team requested the team members to “three concentrations” (same eaten, homogeneous training). He Huacai is the captain, he feels that “three episodes” means that he cannot continue to go to school in the original. At that time, He Huico, which was about to face the senior high school entrance examination, was in two difficulties. After discussing with his parents, He Huacue finally chose to study.

He Huacu then participated in the Huapping exam with the status of sports specialties, and after this, he participated in the Huayong International Exam, and was also admitted. He Waho’s senior high school entrance examination is 758 points, which is nearly 30 points higher than the admission score of China, and a new record of the senior high school entrance examination results of Hua attached sports special students.

At that time, He Huacu said that although he loves football, he can only give up the professional player in the case of professional training competitions and learning. In fact, Hehua Ke’s struggle is still late, and a large number of teen players will face “two choices” when the primary school is promoted, and ultimately leads to “decommissioning” in advance.

Since then, He Waho serves as the captain in Huajiao High-Shuangquan, which is very excellent, and finally through the exam to the US University of California. He has been reported that He Wah Co has become the best evidence of China’s “learning football”.

In fact, Huasheng has a very rapid development in the field of campus football, popularization and improvement of both hands. On the one hand, Huasheng attacked the football school-based elective course through recruitment of football, and entered the classroom. At the same time, the “Football Cup” is relying, holding a school class league, enhances the full school football penetration. On the other hand, Huasheng attacked the management and training concept of the sports team, and strive to build a professional high school male foot school team.

In 2019, Huappi Football Team won the national high school league champion.

Huajia High School men’s football team is the only team of high school football champion “large”, the national, provincial, municipal, district education departments and hosted high school, and hosted the national, provincial, municipal, district-level education departments. In 2017, he won the “Governor Cup” Youth Football League in Guangdong Province, the provincial championship, 2019, received the National Youth Campus Football League High School Men’s Final Championship, 2019 has also received the highest level of “high school champion” in Guangzhou campus football The champion of the football match. In 2020, four students in Huashi attached to the National Youth Campus Football Summer Camp General Men’s Best Paramond.

In the past five years, China’s high-level sports team has been admitted to nearly 70 students from the domestic and international key universities, including more than 20 students of the Huadia High School football team. In 2016, Huajiao Football Chark Lai Mingxuan was admitted to the Tsinghua University. At present, it is currently studying in Tsinghua University; Thanks to Hua Football team members who graduated from graduation, it is currently the defending of the Tsinghua Football Team. Last year, Zheng Zeyi, who went out from Hua, was admitted by Beijing University of Science and Technology. At present, I have already signed Lionel messi Jersey up to participate in the first professional player who goes out in the Huayong high school football team. This year, the two school teams players in Huayou entered Beijing universities through a high-level athlete’s special trick, once again created a new record of Guangdong “Surgery Integration”.

Special students and ordinary students can achieve dreams through football

The students of the two Huajiao football team admitted to Beida this year were Sun Heng, one is Liu Yuzhen.

In Guangzhou, Sun Heng was studied Cristiano Ronaldo Jersey in Petrochemical Primary School in Huangpu District in Huangpu District. When I was young, my parents had reported all kinds of cultural and interests in order to dig and cultivate his interest, and he liked and insisted on football.

Sun Heng is a team member of Petrochemical Primary School. When the second grade of elementary school was selected by the Guantang Football Club. More than Sun Heng’s two-year-old brother is also cultivated from the ancient Guangming Football Club. He is in the Guangda Municipal Primary School League. Later, it will be selected to the Spanish Madrid Competition Club, and returned last year. Dalian People’s Club, ranking a team of Dalian Club this year.

Liverpool Jersey

Sun Heng also had a football talent, but he is not the same as his brother. Sun Heng learned from small to play. When the small promotion first, he gave other teammates to the quota of football special students. He has been admitted to 86 through the high score of cultural courses. He became an 86 middle school team. The staff is selected in the Huangpu District team. Since then, Sun Heng has entered the Guangzhou 02 team through the recommendation.

Since I have been studying well, I learned that the construction of Huajia high school team is very perfect, so Sun Hengchu, graduated from the eligibility of football special students, and finally admitted to Hua Kits Football Kits Jiao. Although it is a football special life, it is also divided into ordinary classes, and learning with a very top-based classmate. Three years high school studies, Sun Heng’s learning can always keep up. In the special project of football, he has earned the Huayong high-neutral team to receive a series of excellent results such as the Guangzhou “Fuli Cup” league champion, Guangzhou “High School Super Cup” champion, 2019 “National League” champion and other series of excellent results. Sun Heng is still a champion of 3,000 meters long.

Three-year-old Hua attached learning kicks two incorrect hood, let Sun Heng have added confidence, he dreams like his school brothers, you can read key universities through football. This Mbappé Jersey year’s college entrance examination, Sun Heng’s score is 496 points, and if this score does not use football special students, you can also take a undergraduate university. But Sun Heng’s goal is the Northern University of Northern.

There are more than 100 people participating in the high-level athletes of Peking University football this year. After 66 people left after the national football exam, Sun Heng is not only excellent in cultural achievements, but also the football professional points up to 93.1 points, and finally become 7 of Peking University. One of lucky people. Sun Hengping likes mathematics and geographic subjects in cultural classes, and eventually he chose Northern University of News Communication. “It is very rare to enter the Peking University. I will first do a good job in the study plan in the future, and then strive for the main position in the North University football team. I will play the college student champion League. In the future, I hope I can make some contributions to Chinese football in the future.”

Sun Heng (left), Liu Yuzi (right) and Huayouxiang (middle) together with Huayou Football Team.

Liu Yuzhen is also a member of the Huayong high school football team, but he and Sun Heng are different, not football special students, but ordinary students.

Liu Yu is influenced by his parents, and it is very small to show a good sports talent. In the primary school, he started to contact football from the first grade, and then he was cultivated by Yuexiu District Amateur Sports School. Liu Yuzhen has been very good since a small cultural study. Because he has been participating in football training, he has not participated in other extracurricular tutoring classes. At junior high school, he left a professional football training, but his football talent has not been buried.

At the senior high school entrance examination, Liu Yuzhen was admitted to Huapping from 733 points. From the high school, it was active in the school’s activities, and he was seen by the coach of the high school team, and then entered the Huayai team. As the team witnesses all kinds of glory. “Participate in football training, let me have a strong quality from a small physical fitness, which has direct help, more energetic, more focused. After entering Huapping, I am not a football special life, study and play the ball There is more effort to coordinate, but football has tempered my will, so I can keep up and overcome many difficulties in life and study. “Liu Yu said.

This year’s college entrance examination, Liu Yu’s test was 633 points, and he wanted a little bit from the colleges and universities he wanted. Therefore, he decided to apply for the high-level football team of Peking University. In addition to the excellent cultural examination results, the football special exam also took 90 points, and finally was admitted to the Peking University, and he finally reached the dream of graduate from the skills of the football.

Liu Yuzhen usually likes English and chemistry, and now he enters Peking University Yuan Pei College, and the professional direction is still ready to choose. “Hua attached for three years, I have given me an altitude learning conditions. The football team’s exercise has changed directly in my life. I would like to thank the development of campus football. I also hope that more students can pass the road of campus football. Reach your higher life. “He said.

Hua attache “Learning” team is this

After 6 years of exploration and practice, Hua attached to the “learning” football team model has become a banner in the field of domestic body teaching.

Hua Union first strictly puts the entrance, students in addition to professional skills, and the cultural score of the promotion must reach a certain score in addition to professional skills. Since the beginning of China, adhere to all football players and ordinary students are unified in learning. All training is arranged after class, reducing the impact on cultural courses. During the game, we adhere to the use of gap organizations to concentrate on learning, collective and relatives, and minimize the impact of outgoing competitions. After the end of the competition, organized some disciplines as a special coupon with a group.

Hua Jiao also provides mechanism guarantees, and the school formulates “Athletes after participating in major sports competitions”, and mobilize the school teachers to carry out courses and pay for athletes after the game, and effectively reduce the academic pressure generated by participating in major sports competitions. In the recommendation, the school also uses the efforts of all parties to “export” recommendations, registration, and ensure that every player can be admitted to the university.

Yao Junqi’s principal (left) invited the Guangzhou team captain Zheng Zhi to communicate with the students.

Yao Junqi, Huappian, said that many players in the Huayou Football team have been admitted to Huapping in 700 senior high school entrance examination results. The standard for their cultural courses. Our players must not only play, but also to play with their brains. We have got a lot of results in these years. “The starting point of the campus football policy is not to school, how many elite professional players are produced, but with the ball, to promote the teaching, Li Dehu people, let football a important starter to take young people’s quality education, with football Create more rising options for students. “

Zhang Yongrui, Huayuan, said: “We pay attention to the promotion of happy sports and prompted students to develop life-lifelong exercise, I hope to cultivate students’ will quality and group spirit. We must infuse such ideas for each player of the football team. No matter what time, face any difficulties, it is necessary to keep the spirit of hardships, never take the battle consciousness, never group team friendship. At this point, not only make our good football competition, to the player Their daily learning and promotion also brought direct help. “

In terms of training conditions, Hua Fu is equipped with software and hardware that can be comparable to professional sports teams. First of all, in addition to the school’s physical education teacher and serve as the football team trainer group, the school also invited the coach to retire from the professional team to help daily training and competitions. The school has created a specialized dressing room for the football team, configured ice machine, washing machine, strength room and multimedia teaching equipment. In addition to the strict management system, the school team has a sound logistics guarantee, and the canteen provides a nutritious diet for the players.

The Huappi Football team attempted to introduce an element of AI football in training.

In order to further strengthen the professional management level of campus football and improve the training level, Huasheng does not change the “Learning” original, and they take the lead in exploring the combination of campus football and artificial intelligence technology. In January 2021, Huasheng attached to the evergreen sports scientific and technological, and started to attempt to access the AI ??football module into the daily training system. Lin Wenyi, President of Evergreen, President, President, said that the Huapping school team worked in the day-to-day training in the AI ??football smart foot ring. After training, the system automatically transforms the performance of the player’s off-site movement through the artificial intelligence algorithm, transforming into individual and team’s multi-dimensional data, so that the coach team can understand the sports data of the whole team and player personal data, thus With data improvement training ideas, and customize a more targeted lesson for the team and players.

It is reported that China will further optimize the training and cultural learning of high school football and cultural learning, and will promote the establishment of the first and middle-aged football teams in the near future.

“Creating a sense of football team, there are a lot of difficulties, but there are many ways to solve difficulties. As long as everyone works together. There are many successful cases of Huajiao football to tell you: fish and bear’s palms can be!” Hua Union Vice President Xiao Chaoyun said.

Wen, Figure, Video / Guangzhou Daily · Xinhua City Reporter Zhang Wei

Guangzhou Daily · New Flower City Edited Du Juan

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Zhu Ziqing, American Football, "Remember me and my father Rodman"

Sports Weekly full media reporter Bi Mo report

The US local time is more and more nights, this year, the American Women’s Football Union NWSL Best New Show the biggest hot Trini suddenly issued a text on individual social media.

“The game made me unforgettable. Yeah, Dennis Rodman came to see my NWSL game. After so many years, my dad suddenly remembered my game. It is an accident, in my career He suddenly appeared. I am surprised, excited, happy, and sad, a hundred feelings. Many people don’t know, my dad has no sense of feelings in my life. Many things we are not looking for it. He often don’t have a few months. There is no contact with me. Reunup in the public, no matter whether it is still for me, our relationship is not the best, but we are always ordinary people …. He is my dad, I It is his little girl, this can’t change it. I will grow forward a day, I hope he is also true. “

Social texture


This picture is photographed at night, the Audi Stadium in Washington.

On Sunday night, the first round of the Football Shirts Wholesale NWSL playoffs, the third of the regular season, the third place in Washington, the Sixth Northern Carolina.

A monster appeared in the female fans on the Audi Stadium.


The hair is still colorful.


It is the middle of this 91st, Chicago Bull Burban Wang Dennis Rodman.

Kits Football Kitsimage.png

Tritty is the daughter of Rodman and the third wife Michelle Moyer. Michel Moyer is one of the longest last time Rodman’s three wives, married in 2003, divorced in 2012.

In 2002, Trresi inherited Rodman’s sports talent. It is already the NWSL draft this year, and the second step is selected by the Washington’s mental team. Going down and breaking NWSL’s top players. As a rookie, Trresi quickly sat firmly of the team’s main force, although there were not many outslast in 6 league, but as the best shooting of the league, Ashley Harley, Trini’s role was very obvious. The Spirit of Washington has also Liverpool Jersey made great progress this season, and it will be found in the playoffs for 5 years. Triniti I have finalized the best new season candidates in the season, and I will win the best newcomer award unexpectedly.

The first round of this seasons, Trifatie started, and the two sides were 90 minutes regard to the upper and lower, enter the overtime game.

At the time of the overtime, ordinary women’s football players have been running, Trini has not received the back of the ball once, and also flying high-speed.


American Lionel messi Jersey Ball Review: The instinctive response of the general striker must have a three-character, but see how Triti Rodman (dark jersey) is doing.

Enter the next half of the overtime, Trini left inside the cutting door, the other door will be detached, the front line partner Harbin front leakage score.


Triti Rodman (right) and Haruk celebrates killing

Washington is in the spirit of Northern Carolina, and advances to the semi-final.

Then there was the end of the game, Rodman’s father was hugging at the scene.


After two days, Trigni has been more issued by the above text in the middle of the night – although it is already a professional player, but the actual age is still a big two girls, and is in a very good year. Salling in the middle of the night is more emotional, so I get up the code word word writing diary.

This blog post on Rodman’s father and female relationship has rapidly caught the approval of the US netizens and resonates.

The United States has a small news that Rodman’s father is tense from the beginning of the year. Rodman suddenly appeared on the Audi Stadium to watch the daughter’s game, and it wanted to try to alleviate the relationship between the father. There are American netizens also guess this photo and social text, in fact, deliberately write to father.


Early Rodman father and female photo

 The children of celebrity single-parent families are not easy …. Think about a bunch of marriages and illegitimate children in Maradona.

This article is simple and emotionally emotionally, and you can go to Players Tribune.


Old Rodman in the Los Angeles Lakers to make Kobe

If Trresi has taken the world football a few years (according to the current age start and the speed of development), this “I and my father Rodman” can take it out of packaging, and Zhu Ziqing The “back” is the same as the textbook of American primary school students.

Chinese football is still in the ice cycle again:Indian news

The Chinese football professional football has been in more than 30 years. In the past ten years, it is touched that the stone crossing the river and tried to commercialize, and the professional football; when it was a bit like the model, I broke into the decades cycle, this cycle of the ball, the black whistle Everything is true; with the “Golden Yuan Football” ten-year gold development cycle; the fourth year, I thought that Chinese football will make persistent efforts, who knows with Chen Yunyuan’s entrance, a series of policies, plus epidemic relations, China Football is again falling into the ice cycle. Let’s talk about the influence of the Chinese football in the Lord Football Association.

1, the player pays a salary.The first year of rushing is the foreign aid. These two years of foreign teachers foreign aid have left. As the remaining big foreign aid contract expires, the super super competition has no big-name foreign aid, and the Super League will once again enter the inner fighting inner, and the overturudes; Secondly, the affected is to prepare, U21 pay before tax payable can not exceed 300,000 yuan, can be more than 900 minutes of the game, think about the investment of youth training, then calculate the improvement of yourself, change your parents, you Still willing to send your child to you? Change You is a club manager,Lionel messi Jersey are you willing to spend time to do a project that is not high? The middle influence is the existing player, the same time period, because the contract must accept a limited salary, but some people think that some people may be lower than them, but they have a high treatment than them, their bitterness Who tells? If a buffer is given, for example, the Football Association intercepts the longest contract period for the club, gives them a buffer. You can make a short-term contract with the club before the deadline is based on personal abilities, give them a process of maximizing the value, all contracts Is it more user-friendly after the expiration of the new regulations? Secondly, the U21 player’s limited salary, how to feel how to feel age discrimination, this measures individual thinks must fight the enthusiasm of parents, and Manchester United Jersey is a fatal blow for youth training.

2. Club is limited.Don’t cut a knife to limit the upper limit of the Super Club in the year. What a year is limited to 6 billion, but it requires the club’s financial disclosure. According to the club’s revenue, you can make more investment, you can invest more about the club operation. In the middle, then you don’t make money, limit your restrictions and salary caps. Secondly, it is necessary for the blood transfusion of the parent company, according to the club’s response situation, allowing the parent company to add a percentage of investment. In this case, the club will look at his revenue to spend money, rather than the blood transfusion of the mother company, caught in a vicious circle; and also blocking the club of the club of the business capabilities, Soccer Jersey Discount not in the pot, big pot average .

Implement the club financial balance within 3, 3-5 years.If the above-mentioned limited salary limit is a throttle, where is the source? Chen Yunyuan entered the Lord Football Association for the past two years, not only did not see its open source capability, but also because a series of policies leaded to the large-scale professional league brand, and the Football Association is far higher than the club, the club does not have independent management rights, and the financial balance Ah; there is also a professional alliance advocated during the Shanggang Club, two years have passed, where is the occupational alliance? Speaking of the end or the distribution problem, how is this big income Football Association to pay money? There is also a proposal for football lottery, and now I don’t mention it, I don’t know if this proposal is not in the dead belly. If you want the club to achieve financial balance, the Football Association must be separated by government and enterprises, the management department is separated, and the league management rights will be handed over to the professional alliance, and the income will be returned to the club, and try to improve the image and value of the Super League, Outover Otherwise, everything is empty.

4, the neutral name of the club.Although many people think this is an important cornerstone of the 100-year club, from the perspective of commercialization, only companies with sustained profitability may continue to develop for a hundred years, and there is no profitable business model and business must be eliminated by the market. Obviously, to create a hundred years of club, the name is not the most important, only a hundred years of league with continuous hematopoietic blood supply capacity, there may be a hundred years of club. Moreover, in the current income of the League Club, the buddhist blood blood is still big, and your company’s advertising benefits have been taken away, ask Chen Yueyuan, are you an investor, are you willing to invest football? Are you willing to promote Chinese football from your friends? How many people are your friends who are willing to invest in China? Therefore, the neutral name is not the most urgent, the most urgent is how to open source draftes, how to improve the value of the league brand, how to return the management right to the club to the club, how to create stronger, more competitive More ornaable league to enhance the league brand premalency ability ~~~ As long as the club can hear a lot of blood, gradually depth from the blood transfusion of the parent company, gradually independently operate, what is the name?

5, club equity diversification.Through the diversification of equity, it can promote the club to improve the governance structure and establish a modern enterprise system. It is believed that this is a good way to maintain a stable development of the club, which can effectively reduce the impact of parent companies or single shareholders’ business risks on the club. This problem and the fourth image are likely to achieve 4-5 points. The first premise is that the club achieves financial balance and hematopoietic ability. I don’t think the Western mode is the best mode, so don’t learn Western models. China has China’s national conditions, you should look for the club mode in line with China, should allow national enterprises, famous enterprises, have diversified models, etc., suitable for yourself. But in the final analysis, the league has hematopoietic transparency, otherwise there is money, and it is not possible to invest in unnamed and unparalleled Chinese football. It is not good to change the name.

6. In order to give up the league of the league.Due to the national epidemic prevention and control, Chen Yueyuan will debris the league in order to the men’s football preliminaries, seriously hurt the league. Look at Chen Yongyuan to deal with men and holds, zoom in to the management of him to enter the Lord Football Association, there are many serious bid management, such as: 1) What is the use of the championship, why is Chen Yueyuan to see the national football score? Look at the President of the Football Association, the original Chen Yingyuan is directly responsible for the national football, the performance of men and foots may be related to Chen Yunyuan’s stay; 2) Shouting Club investors engage in “Jin Yuan Football” Looking back, I use Jinyuan Football on the National Football Preliminary – single winning rewards 6 million yuan. Ask Chen Yueyuan, you always take the country’s money to do “public welfare football”, is conscience not pain? 3) Many occasions should pay attention to the Qing training. For the play of U23, continue to use the U23 policy, national football? Have you used the young player who exercise out in League? Continue to use a group of 30+ players, do you really pay attention to the results of yourself? 4) About the use of the originator and the Grand Taiwan players, the mutant is in the mutant, and the use of the player and the Evergrande player. This is believed to see it in the eyes.

If this time the world is faded, the league is constantly turning, and what the professional alliance before, it is not in place, and there is no hope for young training. I will know how Chen Yueyuan will face Chinese fans.

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Chi Shangbin died, he dedicated his life to Chinese football

Jay Ranfeng reported On March 6, 2021, Dalian Football Hall is Chi Shangbin to pass through the heart, enjoy the 72 years old. According to this newspaper, this morning, the late guidance also gave his brother’s later Yisheng WeChat, indicating that he wants to eat dumplings, but at noon, he was called the family to call him to eat, although the family quickly met. 120 emergency calls, but still failed to save the life of the delay. The bad news came, the football border was very sad. Although the latency is already retired in recent years, his death is still hot, he led the 55 unbeatered records obtained by the Dalian team, he assists rice as a help of teaching Lu led the national football team to enter the World Cup, so far to make Chinese fans unforgettable and grateful.

The reporter dialed his old disciple Wang Peng’s phone, and the sad Wang Peng has been trying to contact the delay in the US daughter, the delayed body farewell ceremony will be held on the 12th. Recalling the relatively guided past, Wang Peng said that he will always thank Chi Shangbin to guide the help and portaging of Dalian football generation.

Chi Shangbin was born on September 19, 1949, is one of China’s best players. Its represents the national team in 1976, 1980 Asian Cup, 1974, 1978, 1982, the three Asian Games football match, Major events such as the 23rd Olympic qualifiers in 1980. In the 1982 World Preliminaries, Chi Shangbin took the team to hit the World Cup and finally defeated. In 1982, Chi Shangbin hangs boots, admitted to the Beijing Sports Coach, and then went to Japan to study, returned to the country, he successively coached the Dalian Wanda, Sichuan Quanxing, Xiamen Yuanhua, Henan Jianye, Jiangsu Haotian, Shenzhen Jianlibao and other domestic teams. It is worth mentioning that Chi Shangbin led Dalian Wanda to create a 55-round record, and won the A a A League champion twice.

He is the captain of the strongest national football in Chinese football, one is five years! At that time, the national football team had ancient Guangming, Yongzhi, Shen Xiangfu, left tree, etc. in the future. On the strength, this national football team is definitely an Asian top level, which can become the national football team, enough to explain that Chi Shangbin’s prestige and qualifications are absolutely one number of Chinese football at the time. I have already stepped into the national football team in the 1982 Spanish World Cup. There is a Saudi-Pleasant water, which has led to the final national football and New Zealand, and the FIFA has never renewed China and New Zealand. Unfortunately, in this surcharge that can advance to the World Cup, the national football finally 1-12 loses from New Zealand, and sinking. It is not long after the World Cup qualifier, then the Chinese football key player has chosen to retire, and the Chinese football is over. In 1981, Chi Shangbin was awarded the Sports Honor Medal, and was elected for the representative of the 5th National People’s Congress.

After retired, Chi Shangbin embedded the coaches, in 1987 to 1995 he went to the Japanese League to learn, after studying in Japan, Chi Shangbin chose to return to China in 1995, creating 55 unbeaten myths, 26 games in 55 games, a total of 38 wins and 17 winners reached 69%. And this is the myth and legend of Dalian football.

On the day of the latency, the Chinese Football Association officially went to mourn, the mournful words wrote: “As a athlete and coach, Comrade Chi Shangbin dedicated a lifetime to Chinese football, and made an excellent contribution to the Chinese football. Chuan Shangbin ! “

In Wang Peng’s eyes, Chi Shangbin’s coach will always be so embarrassed, and the temperate is extraordinary. “I could joine Wanda, but also a loss of delay to give me an opportunity. I can become a member of Dalian’s most brilliant history. This is also my forever pride.” Wang Peng is Wanda, 1996, because age Small, so the initial latency is just five minutes or ten minutes to give him the opportunity, let him feel what is called a professional league. In 1997, Wang Peng, just 18-year-old, got a first opportunity, and scored a ball in the game of Guihaoxa, Chongqing. One of the three young players who have been cultivated by Chi Shangbin’s coach (the other two is Sun Jihai and Wu Jun), Wang Peng has always thanked the delay, and also celebrates the chance of seizing in the bigian team you can set.

Talking about the past of Chi Shangbin, Wang Peng said that because of the latency in Japan for many years, his cultivation and etiquette give people an impressive, “He rarely reprimand us, but it has Football Shirts Wholesale been encouraged, and after the game, He often says thank you for your payment. You all have worked hard. We will also say thank you coach, thank you for your teammates. At that time, the Dalian team is really a team of cohesiveness, a lot of personality players, but the late kit is very good “

For the outside world, the same team, who taught the championship, who took the consensus, Wang Peng is not agreeable, “Delayed guidance has his personality charm and coaching Lionel messi Jersey concept, his character Confuciors, but his It is very strong and attacked. The key is that his own qualifications make all of our team members to serve, his past is the team leader, playing skills, experience, experience, we are all admired. ” After Bin left the first line, Wang Peng has always contacted him. He impressed that Chi Shangbin did not continue to coach at the front line, and there is some relationship with the body.

“My impression in 2016 Old A A game, at that time, I was kicked in Shanghai. At that time, I had a old teammate to say that it is a heart stent surgery, it is easier to exhaust, but his mentality is very good, or willing to be football Do some contributions, later, I was responsible for some things Manchester United Jersey in the Chinese Football Association. I didn’t know very well, but I was sitting in the year ago, he was very good, so I really didn’t think of it. He said that he suddenly walked. “Said that Wang Peng’s voice was swallowed. For Wang Peng’s generation, Chi Shangbin brings Dalian football, which will never be abroad.

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EDG caught the championship: Young people first exercise is an electrical competition? Someone: Which one is exercise?

In order to prepare for the 12th, let the players maintain a good competitive state, in a warm-up match ended yesterday, the national football 2-1 defeated the Zhejiang team. In another earlier competition, the national football team with the goal of Luo Guofu, Zhang Yunning and Alan, 3-0 overcomes.

Lionel messi Jersey Previously, the national football team was closed in West Asia, the game was 49 days, and after returning to China, I received 14 + 7 isolation, and the team will come again in the early morning of November 7. Therefore, the day before yesterday and the Shenzhen team and the Zhejiang team have become the only two teaching competitions before the national football team. From the results of the warm-up match, the psychological status of the player has been greatly alleviated.

In fact, whether Manchester United Jerseythe Zhejiang team is still a Shenzhen team, their overall strength is limited, even if it is exhausted, it is not a small gap with the national football, so the result of the game has no reference value; and China’s competitors in the top 12 competitors are all The strength is not good, even if the Vietnam in the bottom of the ranking, whether it is the team’s offensive and defense, it can give a huge pressure in the Chinese men’s football team. Otherwise, we will not play 0 goals or even 0 ampunfare data in the face of Australia, Japan.

At present, the Chinese men’s football team only achieved 1 win and 3 losses in the first 4 games, in this day’s strength and state, they were eliminated just time problems; but unfortunately, we spent tenant to reach Axson. Foreign players such as Alan, Luo Guofu have also suspended the Super League of this season. These efforts seem to be drifted. Why do you have such a situation? Perhaps we can get some revelation from the midfielder of Madrid.

Some time ago, Karaceco said when they were interviewed that Chinese players lacked the love of football, so they won’t put too much energy to improve their football capabilities, so that I have the deepest or their temper than their temper More, self – control is not good.

The results of Chinese men in the past 20 years are simply unbearable, and even become three streams of Asia, there is no competitiveness in the world. However, the grandfather of Chinese football is not small but not small. The fouls on the game are endless. The most famous incident is too Zheng Zhiyi to kick the Sip into “Zheng Zhihua”; just held the recent Football Association Semi At the time of Shanghai Debi, because the words of dissatisfaction, Shenhua’s old man Feng Wei completely out of control, roaring to the side behind him, and the game is also interrupted, this is an example of Chinese players temper.

China is willing to invest in the football field, but the negative impact brought by high income will come out. Many of the super-super players will use their big wrists, superstars, for the media, fans, and even a bad language . However, the high-level athletes of the European Five Leagues, also respects reporters, fans, very respectful, rarely playing big-name, but in the middle of the superchard.

Personally think that Chinese football needs to reform, but Kits Football Kits not withdrawing a few players, or changed a coach, it is the reform of the model. It should keep up with the West, Japanese and Korean business model; the athlete’s training is best going to be in the college team Selection of talents, because the awareness on the court is the key.

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