8:11 | brokerage predict Apple iPhone 11 Pro will reduce production by 25%; Netflix gets nominates from 17 golden awards; Amazon is called Trump’s prejudice to lose the million contracts

Big company news

Rosen Brat securities: Apple reduces the iPhone 11 Pro reduced production by 25%

On December 10th, Beijing time news, Rosenblatt Securities released the lic wage revision 2020 latest news latest investor report, detail the market’s expectations of these new phones and Apple’s iPhone 11 production plan. Zhang Jun (transliteration), An analyst (transliteration), Rosen Brat securities, said Apple is cutting as of December 2019 and the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro MAX yield as of June 2020, the reduction in production is the highest 25%. The analyst said that the decline in production may be because the user’s interest in 4G smartphones decline. (Sina Technology)

Amazon sues: Trump’s prejudice makes it lose a million US dollars contract

Beijing time, December 10, early news, Amazon I initiated an accusation, US President Donald Trump has biased Amazon, and imposed soybean news “improper pressure”, thus making the US Department of Defense will be A high-profit cloud contract worth $ 10 billion awarded the company’s competitors Microsoft. (Sina Technology)

Netflix Nominated 17 Golden Globe, first won the best movie nomination

Netflix gives the best movie nomination for the first time on the Golden Globe Monday. According to the nomination list of the Golden Globe, there are four Netflix produced by the film Nominated: “Marriage Story” “Pope” and “Irish” have been nominating by the best movie, “My name is multi.” Take the Music / Comedy Best Movie Nomination. The Netflix has gathered 17 nominations, while HBO gathered 15 nominations. (Sina Finance)gwalior election news

“Irish” stills

Electronic smoke manufacturer JUUL is valued by waist

Beijing time on December 10th, according to media reports on Monday, the private equity company Tiger Global Fund has reduced its valuation of the electronic cigarette manufacturer’s JUUL LABS INC to $ 19 billion. Reported siliguri times today news in hindi to quoted people said that the reduction occurred in the end of September this year. Juul has been in controversial in the near future, and the company is accused of highly contributing the popularity of electronic smoke in adolescents. In addition, the United States has exploded a mysterious lung disease associated with electronic cigarettes in the near future, and consumers have begun to question the safety of electronic cigarettes. (Sina Technology)

Tencent launched “Weearth Super Earth” to create digital satellite clouds

Recently, Tencent United Global Top Technology Co., Ltd. Satellogic, Basket Technology, and Aerospace Science and Technology Hawk Group officially deoria news today amar ujala launched “Weearth Super Earth”, which plans to form a local observation network including 300 satellites in the next few years. Through the world’s first “exclusive satellite” service for government agencies, research institutes, technology companies, provide “unpacking” remote sensing service experience. (First Finance)

Google faces the latest survey: 4 employees were dismissed by Thanksgiving

As early as December 10, the US National Labor Relations Committee stated that the committee has launched a new survey for Google’s practices in labor issues. The content includes whether Google has recently dismissed 4 employees in violation of the US Labor Law. In addition, the committee will also investigate whether Google does not encourage employees to participate in trade unions. The survey was conducted by the committee in the Auckland regional staff, which is expected to take about three months. (Sina Technology)

Windows10 mobile office applications will be officially terminated on January 12, 2021

Microsoft announced that Windows10 mobile office applications will be officially terminated on January 12, 2021. At that time, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote will no longer receive any error fixes, security updates, and technical support. These applications are still running, but they cannot be installed on new devices. In addition, Microsoft will end the technical support for Windows 10 Mobile on December 10. (Fun)

Windows10 interface

Storm Group: There is a risk of disclosure of 2019 annual reports within the statutory time.

36 I learned that the Storm Group has issued a suggested announcement that is suspended on the listing risk. As of now, the company has not yocked the CFO and audit agency, and there is no risk of disclosing the 2019 annual report within the statutory period. According to relevant regulations, listed companies have not disclosed annual reports within two months from the date of the expiration of the statutory disclosure, and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange can decide to suspend the company’s stock market.

Morgan Stanley layoff approximately 2%

At the end of 2019, Morgan Stanley is straightening about 1,500 people worldwide, accounting for approximately 2% from all employees of the line, which is one of the means of driving efficiency at the end of the Nathe. This layoffs operates mainly in technology and operations, but also include sales, transactions and research, etc., which is about to be abolished, including several-subsided departments and inter-regional executives, and even New York and London office have not been spared. For the purpose of reaching, the Datong planned to pay $ 1.5-200 million in the cost of layoffs in the fourth quarter. (Finance Federation)

51TALK third quarter net revenue is 400 million yuan

36 learned that the Financial Performance Report of the 2019 third quarter of the 51TALK is shown that the company’s overall net revenue is 409.2 billion yuan, NON-GAAP net loss is 0.018 billion yuan, a year-on-year reduction of 97.8%; business cash flow 123.2 million yuan to create a new high More than 124.9 billion yuan from the same period last year; a pair of business first realized Non-Gaap profit, net profit was 0.027 billion yuan. Mr. Huang Jiajia, founder and CEO, said that the main growth engine in the third quarter is a Physical Youth Youth.

Thanks to the circuit optimization, 2020 iPhone or increase battery capacitySouth Korea’s The ELEC reports, 2020 iPhone 11 models are expected to adjust the battery protection circuit to the original half size. The external speculation, not only can release the internal space of “iPhone 12”, but also to plug in a larger capacity battery (slight increase). It is reported that the battery protection circuit helps prevent the battery from overcharged or excessive discharge. (Cnbeta)

Investment and Financing

Focus on enlightenment English, English little god children won tens of millions of A round financing

On December 9th, the enlightenment English brand English small prodigy (hereinafter referred to as Xiaoshen children) completed tens of millions of A round financing, the investor is EGP Mingyu Ventory (EGP Mingyu Ventory is the former Dishi’s Siwei Investment Chinese team). According to the sprout database, English goddess is obtained in 2018, the authentic fund’s angel round financing, as well as Pre-A round financing of Blue Lake capital, and acquired the Guangzhou June Science and Technology in March 2019. “business. (New bud)

Iraq is financed by 10 million US dollars-level financing by XVC

Video Love Die APP “I] Recently completed thousands of US dollar A + round financing by XVC. Previously, Yedan had completed tens of millions of A-round financing, which was treated by Lanchi. “Iraq” App is launched in 2018, specializing in the sinking market population, providing real-time video interaction and blind date.

Focus on the field of Poct, micro-policy completion of nearly billion yuan financing

On December 9, the micro-policy completed the financing of the RMB of nearly 100 million yuan. Yang Rong, chairman of the micro-cutting bio founder, said: After the financing of this round, the micro-policy will continue to strengthen the R & D investment, and further develop product layout in the field of POCT. At the same time, micro-policy will speed up the global market layout and market penetration, provide high quality and high-quality products, and strive to become a leading brand in the field of POCT. (Investment world)

New product

Qualcomm Release Supports 5G extended reality equipment chip

Recently, US Qualcomm Company announced in its Snapdragon Technology Summit, announced the launch of chip “龙 XR2” specially built specifically for virtual reality helmets, saying that this is the world’s first extended reality equipment special chip. (Jingjie)

Vivo’s first dual-mode 5G mobile phone will be launched on December 16th

36 讯, vivo vice president Liu Hong introduced that Vivo’s first dual-mode 5G mobile phone is the X30 series and will be launched on December 16. The world’s first A77 architecture Exynos 980 dual-mode 5G AI chip will be in the series of mobile phones. In addition, X30 will also support 60 times zoom. In addition to X30, Vivo will also release a variety of 5G terminals in the first half of next year.

Other important news

Beidou Core Constellation is deployed at the end of 2019

During the 14th Congress of the International Committee of the United Nations Global Satellite Navigation System, China announced at the meeting that this year’s Beidou No. 3 will complete all medium round earth track satellite launch tasks, Beidou Global System core constellation is completed, 2020 North Hand Global System Completely built. (China News Network)

The first batch of 23 mobile financial APP pilot filing list released, ant gold service, TenPay, Jingdong column

Mobile financial APP filing pilot work has begun. A list of 23 pilot filing lists show, 16 bank financial institutions (including 5 state-owned big rows, 5 shares, 3 city commercial, 2 farmers, 1 Agricultural Credit Association), 4 Securities fund insurance financial institutions, as well as antity, Tencent’s Tenpay, Jingdong Dialuk, these three non-silver payment agencies in column. (Brokerage China)

Shenzhen release area block chain electronic license application platform: 24 types of common electronic certificates

Shenzhen Unified Administrative Service App “I Shenzhen” released the block chain electronic license application platform, the platform has achieved 24 categories of resident ID cards, resident account books, etc. Regular electronic certificate, avoiding the “multi-sports leg” The embarrassment, while protecting the people’s personal privacy as much as possible. According to the Shenzhen Municipal Government Service Data Management Bureau, “I Shenzhen” block chain electronic license application platform supports online access, offline access, authorizing other people’s useful forms; offline service license support support There are more than 100 high-frequency government service issues such as fertility registration. (Xinhua News Agency)

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