Zhu Ziqing, American Football, "Remember me and my father Rodman"

Sports Weekly full media reporter Bi Mo report

The US local time is more and more nights, this year, the American Women’s Football Union NWSL Best New Show the biggest hot Trini suddenly issued a text on individual social media.

“The game made me unforgettable. Yeah, Dennis Rodman came to see my NWSL game. After so many years, my dad suddenly remembered my game. It is an accident, in my career He suddenly appeared. I am surprised, excited, happy, and sad, a hundred feelings. Many people don’t know, my dad has no sense of feelings in my life. Many things we are not looking for it. He often don’t have a few months. There is no contact with me. Reunup in the public, no matter whether it is still for me, our relationship is not the best, but we are always ordinary people …. He is my dad, I It is his little girl, this can’t change it. I will grow forward a day, I hope he is also true. “

Social texture


This picture is photographed at night, the Audi Stadium in Washington.

On Sunday night, the first round of the Football Shirts Wholesale NWSL playoffs, the third of the regular season, the third place in Washington, the Sixth Northern Carolina.

A monster appeared in the female fans on the Audi Stadium.


The hair is still colorful.


It is the middle of this 91st, Chicago Bull Burban Wang Dennis Rodman.

Kits Football Kitsimage.png

Tritty is the daughter of Rodman and the third wife Michelle Moyer. Michel Moyer is one of the longest last time Rodman’s three wives, married in 2003, divorced in 2012.

In 2002, Trresi inherited Rodman’s sports talent. It is already the NWSL draft this year, and the second step is selected by the Washington’s mental team. Going down and breaking NWSL’s top players. As a rookie, Trresi quickly sat firmly of the team’s main force, although there were not many outslast in 6 league, but as the best shooting of the league, Ashley Harley, Trini’s role was very obvious. The Spirit of Washington has also Liverpool Jersey made great progress this season, and it will be found in the playoffs for 5 years. Triniti I have finalized the best new season candidates in the season, and I will win the best newcomer award unexpectedly.

The first round of this seasons, Trifatie started, and the two sides were 90 minutes regard to the upper and lower, enter the overtime game.

At the time of the overtime, ordinary women’s football players have been running, Trini has not received the back of the ball once, and also flying high-speed.


American Lionel messi Jersey Ball Review: The instinctive response of the general striker must have a three-character, but see how Triti Rodman (dark jersey) is doing.

Enter the next half of the overtime, Trini left inside the cutting door, the other door will be detached, the front line partner Harbin front leakage score.


Triti Rodman (right) and Haruk celebrates killing

Washington is in the spirit of Northern Carolina, and advances to the semi-final.

Then there was the end of the game, Rodman’s father was hugging at the scene.


After two days, Trigni has been more issued by the above text in the middle of the night – although it is already a professional player, but the actual age is still a big two girls, and is in a very good year. Salling in the middle of the night is more emotional, so I get up the code word word writing diary.

This blog post on Rodman’s father and female relationship has rapidly caught the approval of the US netizens and resonates.

The United States has a small news that Rodman’s father is tense from the beginning of the year. Rodman suddenly appeared on the Audi Stadium to watch the daughter’s game, and it wanted to try to alleviate the relationship between the father. There are American netizens also guess this photo and social text, in fact, deliberately write to father.


Early Rodman father and female photo

 The children of celebrity single-parent families are not easy …. Think about a bunch of marriages and illegitimate children in Maradona.

This article is simple and emotionally emotionally, and you can go to Players Tribune.


Old Rodman in the Los Angeles Lakers to make Kobe

If Trresi has taken the world football a few years (according to the current age start and the speed of development), this “I and my father Rodman” can take it out of packaging, and Zhu Ziqing The “back” is the same as the textbook of American primary school students.

Bolton Retrieves the confidence in recent years, Kru status is still sluggish, Haiermont looks forward to the spot:Indian news

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Romania currently ranked 41st in the world, in the upper round team, in the main court, in the main stage, Romania met Armenia, with the goal of Mitri Tower, the team 1: 0 defeated the opponent, currently 4 wins in the J group, 1 flat 3 negative, accumulated 13 points group Rank 2, the first German team has appeared Cristiano Ronaldo Jersey in advance, other teams in this group can only compete for the second additional qualification, although the Romanian group ranks 2nd, but the team is only 1 point, In the case of two games left, the team’s integral situation is not very optimistic. The output of Romania offensive is stable, and the defensive end is still available, and there are many games to be able to zero opponents. In addition, Romania has strong combat capabilities, and the group is only one of Germany.

Iceland currently ranked 62nd place, the Football Shirts Wholesale team in the team in the team, in the main stage, Liechtenstein, the last half of the two balls were finally 4: 0 victorious opponents. At present, 2 wins and 2 wins and 4 losses in the group, the 8 points group ranked 5th, the team is 5 points from the second, and the qualifications of the competition will only have theoretical possibilities, the situation is very unfavorable, the team There is no ability to win the battle, but when face to the weak brigade, the offensive end output is still, the defensive performance is still stable, but the team’s guest war is only 1 win on the weak brigade, and there is no country challenge. Strength team’s ability.

The first round of the first round of Romania beat Iceland, and the psychological advantages were more obvious. Data also Liverpool Jersey gives the main team Romania to support. The World Championships, Romania is sitting in the main court in the main court. The team also needs to stabilize its own group’s second position, and the battle is still very strong, and Iceland is hoped, and the Romania is still expected to add again.


The Greek team is currently ranking 47th, the team challenges the Swedish team in the team in the team, and the offensive efficiency is not good. It was finally defeated by the opponent 2: 0. Pan Keis was fined by the red card, lost and lost people. At the same time, I also ended the 15 unbeaten contributions in various teams. At present, 2 wins and 3 flat 1sts of the group are ranked 3rd, and the team also has 4 points from the second Spain. If the remaining two rounds, it is impossible to overtake the opponent. The team offensive end performance is stable, defensive is flat, it is worth mentioning that the Greek team is still a good at the home battle, and the homeland has been unbeaten from 19 years.

Spain’s current world ranked 7th, team in the team, the team is challenge Kosovo, the team is still an absolute advantage, and the opponent is defeated. At present, 4 wins and 1 flat 1 loss in the group. Bas, the team has received the qualifications of the European Union, but it is a traditional Jin Mar’s Spain. I believe it is still more expensive to compete for the first direct advancement of the group, and the battle is still very good. Spain offensive end performance is still very active, and the defense end is also relatively stable, and there is also a strong grab ability.

The first round of the two teams in Spain is in front of the opponent 1: 1, and the data is still supported by Spain. The game preliminaries, Greece sitting at home to meet strong opponents Spain, the team’s main battle shows excellent performance, but the situation is more embarrassing, and Spain is currently 2 points from Sweden from the top of Sweden. The remaining two games can be successfully climbed. To the group first, the war is stronger, this service believes that Spain will not make mistakes in the same opponent, the team is still able to defeat the opponent three points.

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Chi Shangbin died, he dedicated his life to Chinese football

Jay Ranfeng reported On March 6, 2021, Dalian Football Hall is Chi Shangbin to pass through the heart, enjoy the 72 years old. According to this newspaper, this morning, the late guidance also gave his brother’s later Yisheng WeChat, indicating that he wants to eat dumplings, but at noon, he was called the family to call him to eat, although the family quickly met. 120 emergency calls, but still failed to save the life of the delay. The bad news came, the football border was very sad. Although the latency is already retired in recent years, his death is still hot, he led the 55 unbeatered records obtained by the Dalian team, he assists rice as a help of teaching Lu led the national football team to enter the World Cup, so far to make Chinese fans unforgettable and grateful.

The reporter dialed his old disciple Wang Peng’s phone, and the sad Wang Peng has been trying to contact the delay in the US daughter, the delayed body farewell ceremony will be held on the 12th. Recalling the relatively guided past, Wang Peng said that he will always thank Chi Shangbin to guide the help and portaging of Dalian football generation.

Chi Shangbin was born on September 19, 1949, is one of China’s best players. Its represents the national team in 1976, 1980 Asian Cup, 1974, 1978, 1982, the three Asian Games football match, Major events such as the 23rd Olympic qualifiers in 1980. In the 1982 World Preliminaries, Chi Shangbin took the team to hit the World Cup and finally defeated. In 1982, Chi Shangbin hangs boots, admitted to the Beijing Sports Coach, and then went to Japan to study, returned to the country, he successively coached the Dalian Wanda, Sichuan Quanxing, Xiamen Yuanhua, Henan Jianye, Jiangsu Haotian, Shenzhen Jianlibao and other domestic teams. It is worth mentioning that Chi Shangbin led Dalian Wanda to create a 55-round record, and won the A a A League champion twice.

He is the captain of the strongest national football in Chinese football, one is five years! At that time, the national football team had ancient Guangming, Yongzhi, Shen Xiangfu, left tree, etc. in the future. On the strength, this national football team is definitely an Asian top level, which can become the national football team, enough to explain that Chi Shangbin’s prestige and qualifications are absolutely one number of Chinese football at the time. I have already stepped into the national football team in the 1982 Spanish World Cup. There is a Saudi-Pleasant water, which has led to the final national football and New Zealand, and the FIFA has never renewed China and New Zealand. Unfortunately, in this surcharge that can advance to the World Cup, the national football finally 1-12 loses from New Zealand, and sinking. It is not long after the World Cup qualifier, then the Chinese football key player has chosen to retire, and the Chinese football is over. In 1981, Chi Shangbin was awarded the Sports Honor Medal, and was elected for the representative of the 5th National People’s Congress.

After retired, Chi Shangbin embedded the coaches, in 1987 to 1995 he went to the Japanese League to learn, after studying in Japan, Chi Shangbin chose to return to China in 1995, creating 55 unbeaten myths, 26 games in 55 games, a total of 38 wins and 17 winners reached 69%. And this is the myth and legend of Dalian football.

On the day of the latency, the Chinese Football Association officially went to mourn, the mournful words wrote: “As a athlete and coach, Comrade Chi Shangbin dedicated a lifetime to Chinese football, and made an excellent contribution to the Chinese football. Chuan Shangbin ! “

In Wang Peng’s eyes, Chi Shangbin’s coach will always be so embarrassed, and the temperate is extraordinary. “I could joine Wanda, but also a loss of delay to give me an opportunity. I can become a member of Dalian’s most brilliant history. This is also my forever pride.” Wang Peng is Wanda, 1996, because age Small, so the initial latency is just five minutes or ten minutes to give him the opportunity, let him feel what is called a professional league. In 1997, Wang Peng, just 18-year-old, got a first opportunity, and scored a ball in the game of Guihaoxa, Chongqing. One of the three young players who have been cultivated by Chi Shangbin’s coach (the other two is Sun Jihai and Wu Jun), Wang Peng has always thanked the delay, and also celebrates the chance of seizing in the bigian team you can set.

Talking about the past of Chi Shangbin, Wang Peng said that because of the latency in Japan for many years, his cultivation and etiquette give people an impressive, “He rarely reprimand us, but it has Football Shirts Wholesale been encouraged, and after the game, He often says thank you for your payment. You all have worked hard. We will also say thank you coach, thank you for your teammates. At that time, the Dalian team is really a team of cohesiveness, a lot of personality players, but the late kit is very good “

For the outside world, the same team, who taught the championship, who took the consensus, Wang Peng is not agreeable, “Delayed guidance has his personality charm and coaching Lionel messi Jersey concept, his character Confuciors, but his It is very strong and attacked. The key is that his own qualifications make all of our team members to serve, his past is the team leader, playing skills, experience, experience, we are all admired. ” After Bin left the first line, Wang Peng has always contacted him. He impressed that Chi Shangbin did not continue to coach at the front line, and there is some relationship with the body.

“My impression in 2016 Old A A game, at that time, I was kicked in Shanghai. At that time, I had a old teammate to say that it is a heart stent surgery, it is easier to exhaust, but his mentality is very good, or willing to be football Do some contributions, later, I was responsible for some things Manchester United Jersey in the Chinese Football Association. I didn’t know very well, but I was sitting in the year ago, he was very good, so I really didn’t think of it. He said that he suddenly walked. “Said that Wang Peng’s voice was swallowed. For Wang Peng’s generation, Chi Shangbin brings Dalian football, which will never be abroad.

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Five games! Barcelona 3-3 transitions, 35 years of shame record, Real Martroom is good

In the first game of the 12th, Li Tie’s national football, the score is 0-Chelsea Jersey 3, in the face of the Australian team, the national football means is not much, and finally lose to the opponent. After the game, the Australian media “SMH” reviewed this, in this media, Australian men’s football team won very easily, just like a cat and mouse on the court, and after seeing such a review, hope national football can be Starting, after all, our skill is not as good, but on the stage of the 12th game, the national football team also needs to fight!

The Mbappé Jersey Australian team started in this game, and quickly achieved a 2-0 lead, the second half competition, they once again entered 1 goal again, and they will be 3-0. In this regard, Australian star Muy said, “This is a wonderful game, we only finished 2 days, but the team’s spirit is not established in two days, but based on the past many years.”

For their team winning, Australian media is very proud, review, “Friday morning, we defeated the Chinese team with 3-0 scores, we overcome catastrophic Cristiano Ronaldo Jerseypreparation, currently ranking Before the list, the Australian team only conducted 2 training. I was forced to move the home to Qatar, and the seven players, including the captain did not enter the list, and 2 assistant coaches exited due to logistics and health. In the kangaroo army, the original difficult, but eventually ended with a piece of dish. “

Subsequently, the Australian media continued to write, “After opening, the kangaroo army once is not ideal. The Chinese team has been in training for 12 days,Cheap Soccer Jersey so familiarity, let them have confidence in the early days, 15 minutes before the game, the opponent basics At the end of Australia, the game is at the end of the game, Australia is like a cat playing mouse. “

Obviously, the Australian media believes that the strength of the national football is very general, and they win very relaxed, this is actually the fact, this game is coming, the national football is not as good as people, and the Australian team has more than 9 consecutive victories ( Counting Football Shirts Wholesalethe 40th game), the status is very good.

The Australian coach Arnold said after the game, “I am proud of the performance of the team, we still have a lot of places that need to improve, but in my opinion, our performance is very good tonight!”

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