One pair of slippers tens of thousands! The prince of Dubai is low-key and rich, and the Portuguese can only be smirk on the side.

As the absolute top of the football and even the body, Messi and C Luo are synonymous with money. They can bring many benefits for sponsors, but do you know that C Luo is laminating the prince of slippers?

C Luo can become one of the most famous stars, not only breaking news breaking news because he has a super high play, but also because he has a very aaj news samachar handsome appearance, and therefore won a lot of fans’ madness chasing.

The five senses are excellent, and the temperament and good C Luo is in the same box, rarely being compared, but he is crushed once next to the prince. What is going on?

It turned out that there was a C Ronifei to Dubai Called Award, carefully dressed, and mixed with a suit, the hair was also meticulous, and the palm of the palm of the blossoms had a diamond ring, which looks noble and fashion.

However, the prince of Dubai sitting next to C Luo is different. His wear is very casual, and it is also straight to step on the slippers. It is a flat middle-aged man dress up.

The appearance of the prince of Dubai did not be so handsome, but he won a pair of slippers, this pairwear is not ordinary election breaking news slippers, but worth tens of thousands of luxury slippers. The real rich man will not sway your brand name LOGO.

And the prince him usually very low, it seems that a small piece of decoration seems to be unpredictable, it may be that ordinary people can’t afford it. The prince of Dubai is very low-key, and it is no wonder that C Luo will win.

Financial transcendence C Luo is compared to the prince of Dubai or a little witch. What do you think of it? Welcome to the commentary message tell us.