11/29 SMG football sweeping recommendation: 4 games in Monday, the score, score, score, pre-judgment analysis, look red

The heart has a bright light, and it will not be lost, and you can refuse the darkness, timid, and have a clear mood, a win belief.

Successful flowers, people only shocked its current bright; and the initial buds were soaked, and the tears of struggles were filled with bloody rain.

Although you are just a nicker now, as long as the heart is high, after a few followers, it will always occupy blue sky.

Hello everyone, I am Afa, the recent context is frequent, steady and stabilized, from SMG for many years, I don’Camisetas de futbol baratast have a amazing feat, and there is no more praise, the ordinary giving me a flat experience, but the places of moving, but Always incentive, I am grateful, thank you, and the apical

001 Ufa VS Mosbad

Prediction score: 0-1 (SP6.40) 1-2 (SP7.25)

Total goal: 1 (SP4.05) 3 (SP3.60)

SMG recommendation: negative

analyze:Umfa and Mosbad have a slightly lack of competition, and both parties have also difficulty in stronger, this two teams have a strong taste, and the Moscow train head is in fullness, the team Billiga Fotbollstrojor is in a victory The status, plus strength is better than Ufa, this data is just not deep, Mosbad has problems with weak advantages, but it is difficult to get data. Initial analysis, the presentation may change, the personal center of gravity is more recommended

002 Elfsburg VS Solna

Prediction score: 1-0 (SP7.00) 2-1 (SP7.75)

Total goal: 1 (SP4.15) 3 (SP3.50)

SMG recommendation: win

analyze:The history of the two teams, 3 times, 3 times, Solna achieved a total advantage, the advantage is obvious, the djeCji dresovi index does not give Solna’s support, give Elfsburg to enter the market, the rear market index is in the high trend, the European finger Low positioning, the current form of the Rui Chao League is unclear, if the team will lose the possibility of competing for the league champion, see the winning and negative pattern, the home of Elfsburg

003 Estoril VS Santa Clara

Prediction score: 1-0 (SP5.25) 2-1 (SP7.75)

Total goal: 1 (SP3.90) 3 (SP4.00)

SMG recommendation: win

analyze:The promotion of the Saima Estorel in the Saima Champion showed the strength of the Black Horse. At present, the team league has achieved 11 battles 5 wins 5 wins 5 flat 1 loss, the Santa Clara this season is only winning 11 battles 1 win 3 flat 7 losses, The offensive end scored 7 goals, and the game was less than a ball. It lost 23 balls, and the defense line capabilities were equivalent to the virtual, which gave a certain support of Estorill, the home battle, optimistic about Estorill’s home. Win

004 Gornian Athletics VS Bahia

Prediction score: 1-1 (SP5.00) 2-2 (SP15)

Total goal: 2 (SP2.95) 4 (SP7.50)

SMG recommendation: win

analyze:Bayia is currently in the downgrade, it is necessary to jump out of the downgrade. At present, the crops only give the main team flat hand disk, follow-up to 0.25 disks, not too friendly for the leaders, so I’ve been able to refund the Bayia

The above analysis is purely personal, the brothers of different opinions can be free to match, I hope my point of view can help everyone, welcome to talk about it!

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