Alaba unlocked his career 50 balls, the first Austrian who broke out in the country in 40 years.

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Live Bar October 25, Real Madrid in the country Derby 2-1 Like Barbar, Allaba’s first record of the team.

Data statistics show that he also became the 5th place in the new century to be broken in the first time.Before this, C Luo, Fani, Warane latest news update today and Herce have also unlocked this achievement.

Araba also has to win the club through the goal for 33 consecutive times, and it took 32 times in Bayern.At the national team, Araba is broken in 14 games in 14 games to Austria to help the national team have achieved 11 wins and 1 flat.

With this goal, the number of Arabian latest breaking news in indiacareer has also increased to 50 goals.In addition, he is also english me news the first Austrian player in Spain.


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