Oman Tiger is eye! Hold your hand! Want to win the national football team second

On November 1, Beijing time, the Chinese Football Association officially opened the two home games to the UAE. At the same time, the next opponent of the national football team has also been completed yesterday. There are only more than 500,000 Western Asian small countries, and it is planning to win the Chinese team in this round, and the strong dialogue of Saudi and Australia will be afternoon news “fisheries” in this wheel.

At present, the next opponent Aman, has completed the first training course after the concentration of concentrated today. Their coach Ivankiqi has a rich experience in Asian football and also coal over Shandong Luneng. Ivan also has a national team experience that leads the Iranian team to fight the World Cup. He is helping the Oman team completed a historic breakthrough. Oman is currently 2 wins and 2 losses, ranking B group third. In view of the first round of the first round of the first round, the Japanese team, therefore, Oman’s players generally think they have the ability to defeat the Chinese team. The 5th round of the 12th Range, Saudi will be smoked with Australia, Oman is hoped to overcome the difference between the national football and the two teams. Regardless of the Saudi and Australian fruit, the Oman team will be able to rise to the second place in the group, which has become the reasons and power of the Oman’s tiger.

There is a lot of advantages in the Oman team, although the defender players Abdullazi-Galeni are injured, but the overall strength is not too much affected. Contrast the previous record and performance, the Oman team is better than the national football team in midfield control and manufacturing. In addition, the age structure of Oman team is also google new app superior to the national football, and the average age is more than 3 years old. In terms of physical fitness and competition, Oman has nothing short. A more important point may not pay more attention, the nameless Oman League has just opened a new season in October (cross-year competition, 14 teams), Oman League has conducted 4 rounds in October. The last game was conducted on October 31. The Oman League did not stop because of the world’s preliminaries, even if the level is not high, the players are also guaranteed. On the other hand, it is also in a closed training state after the first-term preliminaries.

Comprehensive analysis, plus the national football lost the real home, this dialogue is really a small banter. This month’s 7th National foot can reach Sharjah, and Oman is the neighboring country of the UAE. Whether it is climate, news 7 tamil today news it is still a game of basic shaped empty space, it is not an ave game for Oman. Although the Chinese Football Association has also set the goal of the third place in this group, many factors, the Oman team will win more. In short, the time left to the national football is really not much, can’t get this game, the next game and Australia will be more difficult. Whether to keep the wiring hopes, the national football team is crucial with Oman.