One pair of slippers tens of thousands! The prince of Dubai is low-key and rich, and the Portuguese can only be smirk on the side.

As the absolute top of the football and even the body, Messi and C Luo are synonymous with money. They can bring many benefits for sponsors, but do you know that C Luo is laminating the prince of slippers?

C Luo can become one of the most famous stars, not only breaking news breaking news because he has a super high play, but also because he has a very aaj news samachar handsome appearance, and therefore won a lot of fans’ madness chasing.

The five senses are excellent, and the temperament and good C Luo is in the same box, rarely being compared, but he is crushed once next to the prince. What is going on?

It turned out that there was a C Ronifei to Dubai Called Award, carefully dressed, and mixed with a suit, the hair was also meticulous, and the palm of the palm of the blossoms had a diamond ring, which looks noble and fashion.

However, the prince of Dubai sitting next to C Luo is different. His wear is very casual, and it is also straight to step on the slippers. It is a flat middle-aged man dress up.

The appearance of the prince of Dubai did not be so handsome, but he won a pair of slippers, this pairwear is not ordinary election breaking news slippers, but worth tens of thousands of luxury slippers. The real rich man will not sway your brand name LOGO.

And the prince him usually very low, it seems that a small piece of decoration seems to be unpredictable, it may be that ordinary people can’t afford it. The prince of Dubai is very low-key, and it is no wonder that C Luo will win.

Financial transcendence C Luo is compared to the prince of Dubai or a little witch. What do you think of it? Welcome to the commentary message tell us.

Fan Zhiyi responded to the "Tucao Conference" bursting red: laughing, hoping to rebuild the inheritance of football

Fan Zhiyi Weibo. The “Tucao Conference” on the 14th, let Fan Zhiyi have fired. In social media, Fan Zhiyi’s Tucao is known as the best history, even known as China’s detachment “the best.” There is also hot search on Weibo, and Fan Zhiyi is too young.

There are also netizens who say that they are not addictive, I hope Fan Zhiyi will open a special life, and can use Shanghai dialect …

On the afternoon of the 15th, Fan Zhiyi also responded to his “red” in Weibo – “I also encountered so many people to confess, laughter, beautiful mp in indian parliament I hope everyone pays more football, inheriting the football world Re-establish. https m aajtak in breaking news ”

Netizen message. In this issue of “Tucao Conference”, Fan Zhiyi is frequent, so Zhou Qi wiped sweat, Guo Allen and Yang Ming screamer, and even “suicide battle”. “You Zhou Qi is in the center, and it is in this door at the door, and the face is not.”

“What can they become different, can make Chinese football to save them? I really didn’t expect that football can have a day of spur.”

“Weiqi, I originally left the Polish team, you have a ball, I have seen it several times, I can get it to others with my feet, you can’t do it.”

“The next day interviews you, you still laugh, I want to tell you, you are there, let you take basketball to the football field, the basketball court is only big, let the football court to squat You try. “Zhou Qi, you the big boss 2 chinese drama have a center, the body is too weak, this power is not good. I saw the photo of his online training, the dumbbell is so big, it is smaller than the egg pot.” Zhou Qi originally talent, It is wasteful. Eat egg scubbies, training is late, he is this attitude, I feel that he will say that say later – coach, I don’t want to play basketball. ”

“Xiao Guo, Asia’s first guard, the World Cup life and death, oh, I didn’t understand, one point, take a point, basketball is not easy. I also kicked the defender of the year, I joined the ball than him. Football is not easy, I can run a seven or eighty meters, I have to go to the ball. “” I appreciate Xiao Guo, some people say that he does not pass the ball, you can’t blame him, Xiao Guo and who play, Zhou Qi People, www hindi news live what is the level of men’s basketball, just a few people. ”

Except for this aaj news samachar “Tucao Conference”, Fan Zhiyi has also participated in the “boyfriend”, “boyfriend”, and “running brothers” in these years.

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