Super Bowl MVP encounter than he said what he said, let the old department laugh

When you mention Los Angeles, a name that appears in your mind is Kobe Bryant, and the ratio of Kobe, you will first think about his legendary years in Los Angeles. Kobe is always the first impression between fans between the two of Los Angeles and basketball. However, Philadelphrons Affiliated Sheng, Kobe are Philadelphones, from small to most is the death of the eagle. Before he was played before the Lakers, play basketball in Philadelphia.

On the evening of March 22, Kobe returned to a high school participation in Philadelphia. In the interview, Kobe talked about the Eagle team, and said that he and the front of the eagle four-point 卫 Nik-Work a few days ago Scene: “I thank him for the efforts of this city. We met very interesting, he came over to me, say ‘Hello, Kobe, my name is Nick-Falls.’ It is very interesting, he is really stupid. Yes, I said that I certainly know who you are. “

Kobe said that he recently met Falls in California, Falls was the hero of Philadelphia, helping the eagle in the 2017 season helping the eagle got the first super bowl trophy of the team. The modesty and low-key Falls see the big star, and it is necessary to introduce yourself to Kobe, so they are shy to introduce themselves. Kobe think this is very funny: “End goods, I certainly know who you are!”

I still remember the 52nd super bowl, the Eagle team defeated the defending champion new England Patriots with 41-33. At that time, Kobe was very focused on the TV. On the side, I shouted: “Put the ball! Put the ball! Hold! Yes, this is the case! “At this time, the lovely little daughter suddenly took a child’s paint to let Kobe tell her story. Kobe only sweeps the scanned book with Yu Guang, his eyes keep going to the TV. Obviously, he doesn’t want to tell the little daughter at this time. After a while, he simply took the little daughter to his own knees and took her to see the super bowl.

The old Eagle finally realized reversal in the game. When they finally won this game, Kobe excitedly like a child, standing up and dance, minds: “Oh, my day! My day! Just like this! This is finally ended, heaven, hahahaha! Yeah! “At this time, Kobe couldn’t control himself, the Vanisa, who is shooting video:” Baby, don’t scare children! “

Philadelphiaman Afficheng team, Kobe is in time, in the heart of the team’s team, before the super bowl, even the little daughter who is deeply favored is only a cold. Said that he doesn’t know Falls, how can it? Just in the season, he also won the season of Work No. 8 jersey to the eagle player!

With Camson-Wenz injury, Falls signed a $ 88 million contract with Jacksonville’s identity with the Jacksonville America. Although Falls bid farewell to Philadelphia, he still affects Philadelphia, Kobi will always remember the four-point bath that helped them get superbals with their most high-rise respect.