Super Bowl fans moved to the security uncle to send tickets to the Rams big warm man-of-pocket

Blanding – Kukes was in the Los Angeles Rams played in a season, the young wide receiver has been successful with the Rams reached the Super Bowl. Cooks in the Rams do not feel the same warmth, the whole team as well as families and happy Cooks also have to ram it down as a family to look. Atlanta now has come to prepare for the Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl, while the Cooks did not forget to Los Angeles for his “family members” give him some benefits. Recently, the star player for the Rams guard security – a pseudonym sent the two Super Bowl tickets for Uncle Alfonso to thank all his team pay for security.

In fact, the Cooks and the alias Alfonso security uncle not familiar, Kukes and his team came to the intersection of only limited training time to say hello to each other every day at the door. However, Cooks done very much appreciate all the security that he was gratified Alfonso pay. Cook Lancaster invited Alfonso to ram tactics discussion rooms, and personally for their After these two Super Bowl tickets sent. Staff Los Angeles Rams took the next two meetings, and released this video on the official Twitter ram, and accompanied by a period of “It’s a team to achieve the dream of Kukes to security uncle a little surprise, there he is, each team facilities are maintained in the text the best-case “.

After training preparing for the Super Bowl in Atlanta, Kukes was asked about it, outside the star took over, he said: “I just want him to understand that this is a different team, and he is this ball a team. I hope his hard work can get more in return, under which he can with his son to see the Super Bowl together, I will send him to the scene, but also to give them arrange a hotel stay, let them spend a pleasant weekend. “

Blanding – Cooks behavior heartwarming, Super Bowl tickets and then arrange to send from the hotel, everything that matters is Kukes own money to solve. Rams moved to Los Angeles just three years, the team has become a facade in Los Angeles, which can not only because of the excellent record Rams today, made the Rams and other players such as Cooks a variety of heart-warming It is, is the real reason that people fall in love with the Rams.

Cooks with the Rams this season, signed a five-year 81 million US dollars contract. Cooks played for the Patriots last year, the 52nd Super Bowl, but unfortunately, opening soon Houkukesi suffered a concussion forced out of the race. This year, the Cooks on behalf of the Los Angeles Rams set off 53rd Super Bowl, I hope he can realize their dreams.