Strongly hit the juvenile Harper bombard 3 out gun Philadelphians 8-5 Rocky continued to lead the country

On April 21, Beijing time, the US duty wander has conducted a game between the National United Kingdom, and has 5 consecutive victories of Coloradolki to meet the rest of the festival. Philadelphia Philadelphia. The first half of the first half of Rocky gave 1 point, but the post-fame is not good, repeatedly missed some of the hitting opportunities, in the middle of the game, was hung by Philadelphians later, especially the 7th game was thrown into a teenager. Harper. A three-component gun opened the score gap. The end of Rocky is 5-8, and there is no 6 consecutive victory.

Harper three branch directly hits Shenkeoldoo

Harper three branch directly hits Shenkeoldoo

Data highlight

Philadelphians first pitched Alon – Nora Overput 5.2 Bureau was hit 9 security, lost 3 points, sent 9 three-vibration, 6.84, winning the victory. In terms of work, Harper has a 3-point gun, and Geslin has a two-hit, and also earns 3 points.

Rocky first pitcher Antonio-Senztela main investment 6.0 bureau was hitting 7 security, lost 4 points, sent 3 three vibration, the self-sharing rate of 3.55, swallow the defeat. On the territory, Blackmun played the first pretended home run, and the single field was swarcked, and Tapia played a home run.

Game process

1 The second half, the first batter Black Mund will play a goodbye to the game yesterday, today’s first ball is active, the first ball of the other person’s pitcher is active, and two consecutive shots have hit. Luoki first got 1-0 lead.

The second half of the 2nd Bureau, Tapia played a deep high-speed ball, and the ball could have an irregular bouncing after the wall. Tapia lifted 4 base packs and ran out of a field home base. The ratio is 2-0.

In the upper half of the 3 game, Ernande was knocked out a reverse direction when there was a teammate, and chased the score to 1-2.

The second half of the 3rd game, the first 3 sticks before Luokou played 1 point for 1 point. Although after the 2 out of the game, he took place, but the two players were connected by three, and did not add more scores.

In the middle of the 4 games, Philadelphians set off a wave of attack. After the top three battles were playing the best, Gsi Lin played a two-base housing in the case of the base, and the score was more than 4-3.

After the 7 bureau, after 2 out of the game, McCachen and
Ernand were able to play the base, and the previous three somewhere quietly played the price. He arrested a pitcher, a sprout, a rod, resist the homitor, and the three-breaking will change the leading advantages of Philaders in an instant to 4 points, 7-3.

The second half of the 8 games, Rocky rely on a high flying sacrifice to recover one point. Blackmond once again hit a three-stricken to narrow the difference to 5-7. Unfortunately, Luoki still did not send back to the three-base runner before 2 out.

In the middle of the 9 bureau, McCachen faced the Han Cong’s pitcher Wu Shengzhen played a river spring gun, and the score became 8-5.

The second half of the 9 bureau, Rocky is unable to counterattack, and the end of 5-8 will be lost.

Both sides


First stick: left field Andrew – McCachen

Second Bar: Two bases of Sasal – Ernandez

Third good: Right outside wilder Bryce – Harper

Fourth Base: Based on Hand Lis – Hoskins

Fifth good: Catcher JT-Ryormo

Sixth stick: Chinese and foreign wilder Roman-Quin

Seventh: Guerrilla Fair – Groust

Eighth rod: Tablet Michael – Franco

Ninth Bat: Pitcher Alon – Nora


First good: Right outer wilder, Charlie – Blackmont

Second Bar: Sino-Diba Wilder David – Dar

Third Bot: Guerrus Trevo Store

Fourth Body: Tablet Ryan McMarton

The fifth rod: a barrier Mark Renault

Sixth stick: left outer wilder Lemeore – Tabia

Seventh: Two base hand plus-Hampton

Eighth rod: Catcher Dru – Batla

Ninth, Pitcher Antonio – Senztera

Next prospect:

On April 22, Beijing time, the two teams will conduct 4 consecutive wars, and Philadelphie is expected to send Gerard Ekov, and Rocky is expected to send Joan-Gray.