Socialist people! Owen issued 6 pictures, working hard for racial struggle, spare no effort to promote your girlfriend brand!

Beijing time on December 3, 2021-22 season NBA regular competition fierce battle. As of today, the new season NBA regular season has been carried out for about 40 days. Due to the refusal to vaccinate the new crown vaccine, the basketball star Owen has always been in the state of the unable to play. He has absent the 21 games in the basket network, and the record of 15 wins and 6 negative rankings.

Although I can’t play, I’m not idle in the field, and he is very active in social media. In the near future, he has released more than 10 pictures in just two days, and the type is not very the same. Earlier this earlier, Owen once again released 6 photos on social media.

In the four photos released in Owen today, I can see that Owen is still working hard for racial struggles. The first photo is the “Black Panther Party] of the Black Panther Party, which tries to change the world through his own strength.

The second photo is written: “Be careful, vigilant!” What needs to be explained, natives also refer to the old European people to call the people who live in a certain place before the white.

The third photo is tears in the eyes of a black girl, and the fourth photo in the three generations of blacks are wearing a crown for the next generation.

It is worth mentioning that Owen released a photo of a black struggle yesterday, this photo got a variety of NBA stars including the Nets Durant, Warriors Green, etc.

After two photos, I Ovin did publicity in the clothing brand Herkaiandi for my girlfriend. This brand wrote in the statement: “We are in pursuit of fate, but we don’t define your specific pursuit, but to support and encourage each other in individual journey, we can lead everyone and connect everyone.” I have to come out, Owen’s girlfriend is also very my own. Owen is also helping girlfriend promotion in this way.

In addition, at this earlier, the famous reporter Shams reported the latest situation in Owen. He pointed out that the Nets have been selling Owen, but there is no team is willing to take over. Unless Owen is traded, he can not appear in the game, and Owen has still not vaccinated the willingness of vaccination. The original words of shams said: “Irvinian is still far from the vaccination!”

It can be seen that the fans cannot be expected in the short term.