Single Office attacked 7 points Push Sanjun three-point shot of red socks, reversal 4-10, lost to angel

On September 1st, Beijing time, Boston’s red stockings continued to challenge the Los Angeles angel in Annheim. The American War Big Alliance has entered the last month, which is the sprint phase before the playoff. This game, the red socks have been chased three times, and the angels have a drum to attack 7 points to Bi Charging. In the end, the reddim finals collapsed at the end of the game, 4-10 lost to angel.

[Data Highlight]

In terms of angels, Pudou 2, a three-point gun, took 3 points, and Guadwin 2 patron 2 points, Turlite’s two pirate https://www.b2bshopp.complayers played 200 pirates. In the red socks, JD-Martinez 2 is playing points 2 points.

[Competition process]

In the first half, yesterday, Yesterday, Bates, who had long extended work, once again knocked out, Dressed the earth, let Bates are blocked in the second base, and the player can go to the first base; then JD-Martin Sch Gongxian is playing, helping teammates ran back home score, red socks got a lead, 1-0.

In the second half of the second place, Marcus Walden debuted, replaced the starter Taylor. Simmons hit a hit, Lunquel rolling the earth, let Simmons have been blocked, and then pitted the outbound grief to promote the second base; Smith is selected from the four-bad ball to keep it, and the first base of Truite will make the teammate smooth Run back, the angel will equalize the score, 1-1. Since then, Truite has also been successful. This is the 11th pirate this season, but Gude Tempets were overwhelmed by Sanzhen.

In the third bureau, Bates continued to fight the hot strike, with a two-run An open bureau; and then two people, JD-Martine Schole, home to send back Bates, red stockings again, 2-1; Subsequently, Benneuti knocked out the right foreign wildfish and saved, and the socks were 1 point, 3-1.

In the second half of the third bureau, the first hits of Pu Hushen beat the second base, Carlhorn sent back to the score, 3 -2; Lunquivus also knocked out the second base to beat, the two team leaders constantly, the angel The score is equalized, 3-3.

In the fourth game, Holt also used the eighth stick to open the bureau, Leon rushed to the earth, but pushed the base package; Bates Gairi sacrificed was 4th, 4-3.

the first half of the eighth game, the red socks were reissued again. JD-Martinez four bad balls to send the barrier; the angel passed the championship of Ernand, the Bennerti sacrifice successfully, the runner pushed to the second and third bases; Molan was also guaranteed Based, one person is full. However, Holt hit the double kill and the angel was shocked.

In the second half of the eighth bureau, Opton and Carlhorn doubles are playing, Simons, the third player hit a hit, Opton ran back, the angel third times equalize the score, 3-3; The big Valley, the big Valley, is all three vibrations, but Fletcher Ligong, a one-point second base is playing, and finally helps the angel against the ratios, 4-5, the game for the first time. Turd is deliberately guaranteed, and Gude Tempere uses a place to return to 2 points, and the score came to 4-7. Pu Houz bombards the three-point guns to add flowers, the angel single bureau got 7 points to fight red socks, 4-10.

The first half of the ninth game, Bates hit the play, 3 players in this field, 3, the Buggtson venue, the second base, Xia Bradley, two people out of the base; Ernandes guerrilla direction The earth is assassinated, the angel wins.

[Two sides starting]

Boston Red Sox:

1. 奇-B & B

2. Raffar Dres

3. Zhanzh Bogatz guerrilla

4.JD-Martinez right wilder

5. Sam-Travis designated https://www.trikotskaufenn.comblow

6. Andrew – Beining Tanti left outer wilder

7. Christian – Wazquez is a base

8. Brock – Holt 2rd

9. Sandy – Leon Catcher

Josh Taylor Pitcher

Los Angeles Angel Team:

1. David – Fletcher

2. Mike – Turkit Chinese

3. Brian-Guadwen left outer wilder

4. Alberto-Puhols

5. Justin – Exton designated blow

6. Cole Carlorn

7. Andreon – Simmons guerrilla

8. Louis Lunkeford

9. 科 万 – Smith Catcher

Dilong-Pites Pitcher

[Next prospect]

The next game will be the last game of the two teams, the angel will send Andrew Hii debut, 3 wins 3 wins this season 3.95 self-blame rate, he adjusted in the rest of the year, in August Re-emerge, 24.2 bureau only lost 6 points, a total of 34 three-vibration, especially in the last two games, a 8 lane lost 1 point to send 14 times, a 6-game no loss 10 times, August I won 2 wins and 0 negative records. The red socks are the battle of David Ples, from August 4th, first time, his career 11 wins in the angel courses first 5 wins and 5 losses 3.54 self-blame rate, and 4 wins this season 4 negative 4.95 self-blade.