Sing three World Cup but now they board the Super Bowl midfielder Pique show why her love at first sight?

September 27 that day, Shakira in their respective social platform issued the sentence “Ready! 2020, February 2nd.”

A “” truncated according to “the lawsuit also sold after a full .20 minutes, Xia sister revealed the answers himself: She and Jennifer – Lopez common boarded 2020 54th Super Bowl midfield show.

February 2 Why is very special for Shakira? Because this day is her birthday. Not only that, this day was a little nearly 10-year-old husband, Barcelona defender Gerard than her – Pique birthday.

At its peak of his career Pique, who has the heart of a striker’s goal often tall defender, will each hand over a stack Scissorhands cross on his chest, just to two people on the same day birthday wonderful fate. A goal each for themselves, but also for Shakira.

Now, February 2 Shakira for it, another layer of meaning.

By Ricky – Martin prodigy phase

Shakira has long been labeled a “child prodigy” label.

4-year-old Shakira live with their parents in Barranquilla, Colombia, to the Middle East in the restaurant heard a drum rhythm in the Middle East, she will follow the rhythm. As a performer, the idea began to take root in the hearts of Shakira.

Middle East and wonderful encounter with the drum, also activated the Middle Eastern art in her blood factor resonance – Lebanon was removed from her grandparents in New York, and settled in Colombia. Her name in the “Shakira” also comes from the Arabic “Thanksgiving.”

Shakira 2 years old, she has an older brother died in a car accident, although vague childhood memories, but his father gave Shakira in all after losing her son left a deep impression.

8 years old – wrote the first song of life: “Your sunglasses”: your sunglasses make me feel helpless, I do not know what happened. That man wearing sunglasses, is her grieving father.

13-year-old – signed Sony, made the first solo album.

So smooth start in the first album, “Magia (Miracle)” after the release suffered a Waterloo. This collection of Shakira all their own creative works from 8 years old to start their own albums, despite receiving a good reputation on the radio, but miserable sales, only sold 1200 copies.

It also made the decision to sign Shakira Cheraw – Vargas awkward. Vargas was a chance encounter in a role-playing Shakira promoter Monica flights from Barranquilla to Bogota, Colombia’s – Ariza. Monica Vargas gave me the opportunity to convince Shakira first audition.

Shakira seized the opportunity, impressed Sony – Columbia Records delegates, less than 13 years old, she got a contract. Sony began and cooperation.

In 1993, Chile 利比尼亚德 Maltese music festivals, Shakira was invited to the competition, he won the third prize. Later in the summer there is a ring from the 1998 French name in the world of the judges then voted to Shakira’s: Ricky – Martin.

Five years later, Ricky – Martin sang the song can leave a mark in the history of the World Cup “cup of life.” Popularity even more than that year’s official theme song with “I care about you play it.” And he probably hard to think that he had supported the little girl sang for the World Cup, a sing sung from 2006 2014.

Three World Cup “Abduction,” a husband back

In 2006 Berlin games before that magical final against France, Italy, Shakira dressed in an orange dress singing first on the World Cup stage. I sing that song, that has been issued for nearly half a year of “irresistible.”

Shakira is the first team that the US “Billboard” one hundred singles chart title song, she also became the first artist with the board of English and Latin Billboard mainstream championship standings. That year, “irresistible” to win the singles chart in 55 countries around the world, real hard to resist.

Only nine weeks, the download sales of more than 100 million. This also allows hot FIFA offered an olive branch to her. Appeared in front of the world’s most watched events orgasm, let Shakira and her hot style, sexy electric hip sweeping the globe.

That summer, Shakira departure from Zaragoza, Spain, to the end of Lagos, Nigeria, carried out a spanning four continents “Love concert tour of original sin.”

With the World Cup in Germany is paving the way in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, he was born in Colombia, the United States in the development of Lebanon, Spain, Italy Mixed Shakira, adapted from Cameroon with a song “Africa time (WAKA WAKA)”, to win again FIFA’s favor.

In the first 1 minute 11 seconds of the song MV, the Spanish defender Gerard – Pique entry, dressed in a black T-shirt that read song.

Peek in the memories of the beginning of this affair, still clearly remember the details of the message begins: “We have seen her in record time MV before the World Cup, I asked her text messages in South Africa over there how about the weather – usually most people possible. just like I said, bring a jacket like. As a result, she began chatted to South Africa every moment of every detail. I told her that we would reach the final …… “

That summer, fulfilling the promise Pique, Spain got the first-ever World Cup. About two sex scandal began to hit the newspapers.

Flourishing career Shakira announced the end of his own long-distance love for 11 years in 2011, but it is to no avail way: and the son of former Argentine President D’Antonio – de Rua broke up. A week later, Pique announced their separation.

Year in February, Pique and Shakira are photographed in pairs appear in the Barcelona restaurant, fingers intertwined. Spanish media face squatting for a long time, also forthrightly, common to leave. The story behind, the two have two children, a man named Milan, a man named Sasha. Everything is recorded in the 2017 Shakira’s new single, “I fell in love with” in.