Several players who are expected to explode in the new season: 40-size record retention people hope to order

With the operation of each team, the environment around you will have some changes in the environment around you; some players have gradually released the shadow of injury after summer recovery, and some players are in the offset period. Active hard training, carefully caring the ball technology … Because of various shapes, there will be some NFL players to usher in big outbreaks every season, and they will be impressive, and then enter the player of the player.

Then there are those players that players in the new season may usher in big outbreak? Recently, the US Sports Media “Bleacher Report” has selected six players who are most likely to explode in the new season (ranking is not divided):

Darren – Li Lingwei Kansas City Chief

2019 season, Darun – Li went to Kansas City to thrive, hoping to change the production of your own downturn. At this break, the old east New York jet has experienced some people, and Li is a team of players to some extent, in fact, this can also be understood. As the first round show in the 2016 season (20 times), Li has only harvest 4 times in more than 40 games, and 238 times. He did not be a team’s future construction cornerstone as the jet expectant, so the team will spend a lot of CJ Mosley in a racing period, and try to introduce Anthony-Bal, and then only one 6 The wheelmark is changed to Li in the lost position.

But I also have an advantage for Li, first of all, he is only 24 years old. Although only 4 times of killing, I also got 3 copy, there is a big development space. In addition, the defensive group of the chief has also changed, and the team has a star rush to Parank Clark and the star safety Wei Tayun – Matthew, can say that the teammates here can be much stronger than the jet. Li gotted to usher in the contractual year, I got a chance to reach my own opportunity. For the future, for Money, I believe that Li will build a tree in the new season, tearing off the tag of the parallel goods.

Derrik Barnett defensive end Philadelphia Eagle

Philadelphia Owl is expected to harvest things you want from defensive end Edge Baret in 2019. At present, the old eagle is in the depth of defensive end, there are three players who have been more than 31 years old. Last year, 9 The murder of the murder Michael Michete was traded to the New England Patriot. However, the self-playing eagle selected Barnet in the 14th shot of the 2017 season, this boy has always been performed, and the 15 games in the rookie season will only get 5 kills, and only 6 first chances have been harvested 2.5 times in the 2018 season. If Barnet is placed in his favorite position, and Brandden Glaham shocked from both sides, part of the inner line of Milek Jackson and Fletcher Cox, perhaps Barnett can get more Maximic chances. Two years have passed in the past two years before the season, the photography said that Barnett has also arrived in the year of playing, so the third year is not lost.

Leonard – Freud Line, Chicago Bear

Chicago Bear intends to implement Leonard Freud’s fifth year contract option, which is a little unexpected, but also shows the first round show that the bear team doesn’t want to give up this ninth in 2016. 4 years 38 games only harvest 15.5 times, and far from the expectations of fans. Self-importing alliances and coming, Freud injuries continue, there are 4 games in the rookie season, and the second grade has raised 6 games. In 2018, it is maintained to keep the whole duty but only get 4 times. Considering that the last season’s bear team has introduced Carlier Mark, it is more likely to be so inexplicably in the 12 games in 12 games in the new year.

Of course, the killing is not a measure of a good line guard, but for a top ten genius player, Freud’s rushing data is really terrible. However, Freud’s anti-run is also doing well, so the new season opponent’s offensive front line is teared by Mark, Eddie, Goldman and Aquim, and see if he can improve his rush speed. create a threat. Interestingly, the bear refused to express a good choice of corner-War Ford’s fifth year, and renew it directly. If Freud can make a score, then you will get the same return.

Hassan – Redkend Wire, Arizona

The Red Picking team was premiered by a variety of news, choosing Keller Murray to send Joh Roson, no matter whether this choice is right, it is also a lot of work to do. The 2017 first-round show (13 shines) Hassan-Redick has not fulfilled his talent, and his performance has caused great controversy, in short, it is not very mature. Dictionary, Lendick 16 game only got 32 times, although he has been trying to learn to do a good line guard, but considering the team injury, he still appears more in the outside.

However, as the PRO FOOTBALL FOCUS website reporter – Cooper pointed out, Redick has been trying to get rid of the parallel label last year: “Redke is driving in the right road, thereby proves that his first round show is the talent. 2018, he average Only 8.6 yards per game were released as an outer rushing hand. He sent 18 four-point sanitary seizure line yard. “Despite this, Redick has a long way to go, if he can In Jordan Hicks and Treier Sagas, we continue to grow, get rid of hair, then there is still a big improvement in the new season.

John Rose running to Sinonym

Speaking of John Rose, the man who broke 40-yard record wind in the training camp, most of the fans gave him the evaluation of the season, but the 7 reached the truth is really true. Although Rose said with speed and dexterity, he became a murder of Tiger last season with Taylor Boid. What’s the problem? Rose 13 games were aimed at 58 times, only 21 batts were completed, 210 yards. This is not a first round of the first round show, you can score it is a good thing, but while maintaining efficient, the tiger is more hope that he can help the team to promote, become a long-distance route killing, like Thai Kike-Hill. On the contrary, he has hurt the body in the past two seasons, and there are too many battles. It is very tacit with Andy Dalton.

Of course, Ross still shows its talent. The Tiger Team now has an extremely attacked coach Zach-Taylor, which gives Ross completely releases its own potential opportunities. Plus A.J. Green, Boid and Taylor – Evt are still healthy, and the offensive line has also increased, and the attack on the tiger will be more energetic in the new season. If Rose can also enter the new season, the Green is pulled out on the other side.

Josh Rosen 4-point Wei Miami Dolphin

From some data, Rosen has become patron. In fact, from the red tones in order to grab him a sign of his 10th, he only used two rounds and five-wheeled signs to see him away, and it was more confirmed by parallelism. Rosen will become an interesting topic for many years, on the paper, on the paper, his rookie season played 14 games, and came out of 2278 yards 14 times to be copied and 11 reached, the success rate is only 55.2% very bad. But from another perspective, the flushing lineup is very bad. The coaches that were previously fired, and the coaches were rarely using David Johnson’s running capacity, and put Rosen behind a bad offensive front line.

Rosen wants to tear off the tag, it is difficult, but it is not impossible. Kenyan – Drake is a very promising running guard, Mike Grachki is a large close-up side of a height of 6 feet 6-inch, Kenny Stels and de Want Parker The boller is not as bad as people say. If Rosen can throw it, everything can be possible. In addition, Rosen also needs to learn new tactics and adapt new coaches. If you have a stable environment, it makes him slowly develop, plus his talent, Rosen still has a chance to re-prove himself.