Rogers playing in advance to get off work, packaging, 34-17 revenge, 49 people

At 9:20 on November 6, 2020, Beijing time, 49 people in San Francisco, who were full of injured soldiers, met the Green Bay packaging. The 49-person offensive group who was opened in the super bowl last season had long smoky, and even a first year of the offensive group didn’t even have a first year. If the competition is also expected, the packaging workers who have been killed last season have completed revenge. The final packaging worker defeated 49 people with 34-17, and achieved 6 wins and 2 negative records.

Wonderful review:

After the start of the game, the situation was like everyone forecast, the package worker under the leadership of the four-point guard Alon Rogers, the first attack was directly opened to the defense of 49 people. After 4 minutes of competition, Rogers 36-size long-connected wiring came to the top of the number, and Direct Adams, got it directly, 7-0. Before the end of the first quarter, 49 people received an opportunity for any kick, playing the ball Guarde debut, 22 yards, recovered, recovered 3 points, 7-3.

The second quarter starts for 4 minutes, 49 people’s replacement quasi-Muinson sent a copy at home, and the packaging workers started attacks on the opponent half. In the second quarter, the packaging workers quad sessions were short to the near-end Mendes – Lewis, got up again, 14-3. 1 minute before the end of the half, Rogers took a 53-size long-circled connected to the Maquis Scandalin, and the third Dalsen, 21-3.

After a break in half, the third quarter of the competition, Rogers still found the outer steps in the opponent’s red area, continued to expand the lead, 28-3, and the game officially entered the junk time.

Then, the packaging workers kicked 2 anywhere, and won 6 points, 34-3. 5 points before the end of the competition, 49 people finally got a reachable, four-point Wei Mulins passed away from the Louis-James, and the latter went to the defenders, running directly into the array, 34-10. 4 seconds prior to the end of the game, 49 people ran Jerek McNi to rush into the packaging counter area, but there is no impact on the results of the game, 34-17.

Team prospect:

This year, the National Union West is extremely fierce, and the Seattle Hawks are now the first, Arizonan Rashi and Los Angeles Rana have achieved 5 victories. And the 49 people in San Francisco have finally lost the team after a big injury. The Super Bowl of the season last season is a big probability this season. It may be the most important thing for them to look forward to the next season. After the package is in the final season, they are naturally a sword refers to the superbweed this season. Now they are sitting in the country of the country, and the Chicago bear in the same area looks only the paper tiger. For packaging, there should be no problem in the season.

Player data

Packaging workers quartz Wei Alon Rogers 31 pass 25, 305 yards, 4 times. Running Alon – Jones running ball, 58 yards. Entry-ended Dante – Adams 10 times, 173 yards, 1 time reached.

49 people quartz-Mulins 35 pass 22, 291 yards, 1 time reached, 1 time being copied. Run Jerek McKikini 12 shots, 52 yards, 1 time to reach. External hand-liking-James 9 times, 184 yards, 1 time to reach.