Regression time is determined! Saints plan to make Bris started in the game tomorrow

October 27 (Wen / ESPN Ed Werder & Dianna Russini Compilation / 254) News reported that the New Orleans Saint Team plans to make quadrotes in the game of Arizona, DREW (Drew ” BREES) starting.

Since the competition with the Los Angeles Rasquet, Aaron Donald and Bris were torn, and Bruce was expected to be absent from about six weeks.

Saints can choose to let Teddy Bridgewater continue to start, in the five games in Bridgewater this season, the saints have maintained 5 games. But just like all NFL coaches, Saints plan is to let Bris play in tomorrow.

A source said: “We have a good team now, Brisker makes us better.”

Bres is most concerned about passing accuracy and passing security, for the expectation of this week, Bris is re-training. The team focuses on Bres, so that Bris is proven to pass the ball out after proven to be the best offensive front line of NFL.

But this decision is not risky. Chandler Jones, Arizona, and Trell Suggs, obtained 13.5 murder and 14 times quarter-shock this season.

Chandler Jones

Chandler Jones

Arizona’s 12 times this season caused the other party to take the club. They have forced the opponent to fall many times in four games.

Brisses seems to have no restrictions in some of the exercises open to the media this week. He said on Wednesday that he just wants to ensure that he can keep confidence and relax his mentality.

When Brisked, it was now an uncertain factor in the appearance of the injured sharp line.

“I mean, until three months I can fully rehabilitate. But fixing my fingers can clearly provide certain stability and support,” Bres said in surgery, his fingers used two splints Give it a fixed.