Red skin boss takes 180 million US dollar cruise vacation contains IMAX screen

Recently, we found the figure of Dan-Schneider in the Mediterranean Town of Italy.The boss took the “Ladys” yacht sail and enjoyed the paradise holiday.This beautiful, luxurious giant wheel spent $ 180 million, the hull is 305 feet, and the boat specializes in a huge imax cinema, which is the world’s first “mobile” IMAX theater, soDeluxe enjoyment, only belongs to Dan – Schneider.In addition, in this luxury yacht that is better than the fairyland, there is all the facilities you can think of.Open-air pool, thermostatic bathroom, gym, sauna, massage room is just a routine facility, a helicopter, a large-scale restaurant that brings together all over the world, four world top presidential suite.It can be said that this “ladys” yacht has exceeded the category of the vessel, which became a top hotel in the sea.